what do ya think of this?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. ok im going to build a shelf in my growroom under the hps and beside my other 2 plants the shelf will be light proof
    it will have a door on front and a lid on top that i can remove
    under neith the lid will be one 4 foot long flo 40watt and on the back wall there will be 2 flo's 80watt
    what im going to do is put my 9 babys in the shelf with the flo's they will be on for 24/7 but when my hps is on for the to plants that i have now for 12 hours i will be opening my shelf and leaveing it open for the 12 hour my hps is on so the plants can get the flo's light and some of the hps light as well when i turn the hps off im simply going to close off the box to keep out any light from hitting the buds
    the box will be

    2feet high 4feet long and the width will be about a foot and a half
    i want to know what anyone thinks about this will it work well all of the plant will be getting air flo and air from the fan
    tell me what ya think
  2. Where will the fresh air be coming from?If the fan isn't pushing fresh air it would still be good for strenthening the stem.

    Send some pics and good luck

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