What do Vicodine do

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Brisk, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Yo I dont know the effects if you pop vics, can anyone tell me because I met a person today that does them a lot.

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  3. thx brah :wave:
  4. Vicodan is like the brick weed of opiates.. It's weak, but you can get high on it. Spend your money on better shit (if that's why you're wondering).
  5. ya i guess thats true,but what i like about hydrocodone is that you can get really fucked up off them but the comedown is like nothing compared to some other painkillers or opiates.Some times i never feel a comedown from them.
  6. For me a decent dose will give me euphoria, relaxation, and warmth throughout my body. Pretttty good, especially if you take them when you smoke.
  7. Yeah you're right on about the comedown, it's no worse than eating a bar or two imo. I hate Vic's just because of how they turn me into the Incredible Hulk, but I looove that nautious/warm/holyshit feeling they give ya when you take enough.
  8. almost. vicodin is the shitty regs. TRAMADOL is the schwaggiest schwagg grown in vast fields in mexico. haha
  9. Nah, I'd have to go with Darvocet on that one man. 13 pills and nothing for 2 hours and then a shitty buzz.

    Almost forgot about Tramadol, thanks for reminding me :rolleyes::p

  10. never tried darvocet. dont think im gonna worry about either. :rolleyes:
  11. You aren't missing much, 99% of the time it gives you a shit/no high, and that 1% will FUCK YOU UP when you're least expecting it.

    I took 15 that time and 3 hours later after I gave up on it, it just came out of no where and had me nodding hard for 20 minutes. It was weird as hell.
  12. I personally like Hydrocodone.I do have to take alot but all you have to do is a CWE and evaporate the liquid and just snort the pure,or just drink the water.You can also make a freebase version I think but I don't know how to do that.I am sure it would get you higher though,I would onlytry it once and never again.

    I take 40-60 mg's of it when I want to get high.I have not done Opiate's in awhile though.

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