what do use think of the doors?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by JIM MORRISON, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. gday iam a mad doors fan hay i just wanna no if anyone else out there is crazy like me for the doors or am i just to smashed again ?

    jim morrison
  2. i like the doors.... im not a 'crazy' fan...... but i think they were a great movie....

    hey ...check out the music forum, im sure there's a few threads about them in there...

    this should be moved there....:D
  3. you may be smashed, but you are so on.

    through highschool, (23now) I was pretty obsessed with jim morrison. had all the posters...albums, books. I pretty much wanted to know everything I could about him. my senior year we were to write a paper comparing/contrasting 2 people. while everyone chose some boring presidents wife, I chose jim morrison and kurt cobain. my teaher was least impressed, but I had great time writing about him.
  4. thanks for that i dont remember riting it i was very stonded last nite anyway mates thanx for ur contributions
  5. Who says the lizard king is dead. Maybe in phisical form he's dead, but he'll always be alive in the music at least. The lizard king will always be there to inspired people.

    I just want ta have my kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames.

    Hey that would be a good sig.
  6. Yeah doors are great and there's alot of interesting stuff there, alltough I think that Mr.Morrison caused a lot of harm and gray hairs to the other members of the band.

    the best book about doors is Riders on the storm written by their drummer ....ummmm what was his name? Damn I forgot it, he was an great drummer did some crazy stuff with the drums, all that emotion in rythm instrument.

  7. holy bible batman! any chance you still have that paper, Cobain and Morrison are my two favorite muscicans of all time...
  8. yeah! sensi... go get that transcribed. i think we all wanna read it.
  9. The remaining Doors are playing at Redrocks with 50 Cent and a few other acts very soon- wild eh?
  10. the best doors song is "the end" hella tight
  11. The doors are my all time favorite band. They kick so much ass and jim morrison was the greatest man to live. I read no one here gets out alive, the jim morrison biography, it was really good. The movie was good, but i hate oliver stone. In the movie there is a scene where the doors sell light my fire, it never happpened, and when jim morrison wasn't supposed to say higher in the song and did, on the ed sullivan show, it was hardly as dramatic as in the movie. He wouldn't change his song for anyone, but he also didn't fuckin make it that hardcore.
  12. i love them, i was out walking around and smoking and could not stop thinking about getting back my room to listen to riders on the storm.
  13. the doors saved my ass last night when i was having an awful trip. bless you you fine musicians.
  14. the doors rock ! one of my favorite bands of all!! the movie wasnt very accurate though...i mean it was to an extent but they fictionalized A LOT of the story.watched it after i ate some mushrooms once...took me an hour to get off of the main menu...its just soo trippy

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