what do u think bout when ur high

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by johnnyd, Apr 10, 2004.

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  1. so what do you think bout when ur high? im just wondering cuz i think some of the craziest things. i think really weird stuff when im all zoned out. stuff i can only comprehend when i am high. its all subconcieous stuff.
    so what do u think bout when ur high
  2. i thiink about all kahnd of shite. all kahnd of shit.
  3. depends where i am.. if i\'m in a good environment i think about my life and where it\'s headed or just overall trippy thoughts.. if i\'m in a place where i\'m likely to get caught i think of getting caught.. it\'s all about the environment.
  4. I think about how awesome powermetal is. Italian motherfuckin powermetal. mmmmmm.
  5. yeah the environment thing that stoned soldier talked about, thats pretty much my basis for stoned thinking too
  6. I generally tend to think about as little as possible, I hate thoughts intruding on my high. I do often wonder what it would be like to look at stars from the other side... like looking at the milky way from above.

    And music has a big influence on what I think about, so the more mellow the better!
  7. i think about the same stuff as i do when i\'m not stoned (minus the \"ow this is painful\" type thoughts), just that the thoughts become clearer and faster, and i come up with things that otherwise wouldn\'t have occurred to me. occassionally get a bit more self reflective, keep my life in check better etc.
  8. i think about this chick i loved onece. she was hot but really stoopid!! LOL!! HAHAH...

    wow, so dumb. she believed all the lies people told her all the time. so dumb
  9. Do u ever think about what u are thinking about?
    Or do u even understand me?
    I think about the fact that i am thinking about something else
  10. I think the question should be \"what don\'t I think about when high?\".
  11. i think about how to get rich quick....... so i can buy more bud
  12. i just watch some old three stooges movies and laugh my ass off.

  13. yah i do that but mostly i think about how dumb i am acting and get all antisocial and shit.
  14. Have you guys ever been thinkin something and like everything all starts to make sense and all that and then all of a sudden you kinda confuse yourself realizing that what you said made no sense and then completely forget what you were thinkin about. i dunno it happens to me all the time so just wonderin lol.
  15. i can get alot of things done high ..my mind just works better ...lol i can think through my thoughts and shit ..of course unless i right it down i forget cause i get distracted by the tv....
    ya i get some not fucekd up thoughts like bad thoughts ..just what the hell im i thinking about this for thoughts lol.

    and jane in my brain OMFG!!!! roflmao that happnes all the time when i smoke by myself ...just thinking and im like DUDE HOLT THATS IT! ...holy shit it all makes sense i get it haha ..then i think about it for a second like ..wtf, wait it made sense a sec ago ...uh ...wait wtf NOOOOOO what was i thinkign!?!! wait wait ...oh hey simpsons are on ...lol.

    i hate that its always a real brillant revaltion ...lol but then you kinda think it over again ...like huh? lol yep.
  16. LMAO thank you!! i was beginning to think i was the only one on here. Ive talked to my friends b4 and they said it happens to them too but i didnt know if it really did or they were just sayin it did so i didnt feel dumb lmao.
  17. if only i smoked weed in my early high school i\'d understand science more.

    ok for example.. this is the only thing i remember about my intricate complex stony thoughts cuz i\'m not stoned right now

    (isn\'t it weird how you can remember so many stoned experiences when you\'re blazed and only when you\'re blazed. they\'re not so clear when you\'re sober)

    that wasn\'t the example. the example is this. suppose you are in a long thin hallway and there are two long mirrors opposite eachother. when you see yourself in one mirror you see infinite number of yous because of the other mirror. i figured out how to use a camera and film this experience of seeing yourself infinite times without the camera getting on film. it involved another mirror and lots of special effects that i know are possible. if only i remembered how it went...

    this along with other things that i have no recollection of whatsoever are some of my stony thoughts. i understand how things work from the inside out.. i\'ll bet da vinci was a stoner
  18. I figured out one time with a few close friends, that if we assume the distance the universe spans is infinite, then theres an infinite amount of possibilities of different planets solar systems etc, and so we are repeated exactly as we exist on this planet down to the finest detail, some infinite distance away (infact this means that theres an infinite number of identical Earth\'s, all so un-imaginably far away from each other as to never come in contact with each other). Simplified, if i throw a dice that has an almost infinite number of sides (limited by the # of natural elements and laws of physics and whatnot in the universe), and throw it an infinite amount of times (the throwing it an infinite amount of times is the important part), then it cant help but eventually land on a side it\'s already landed on (the double infinites of sides vs times thrown cancel each other). If you cannot accept that theres another few quadrillion identical copies of your own unique self, then the only other option is that the universe does have a stopping point, at exactly the instant that every possiblity of differing existance is exhausted (right before the die lands on the same side twice, and before another identical Earth me and you is created). So yeah, thanks to pot, we beat all the quantum scientists to the punch, and figured out that the universe does have a stopping point, and the distance after, well I can only assume thats heaven zen nirvana land.
  19. when i get really stoned and zoned its like I think of these ideas and great philosophical answers to life. Only in my mind and when I try to write my thoughts out, the dream stops and wont let me do it. I really think of good ideas and inspirations but will forget it after seconds of imagineing it. Thats what I think when im baked like a cake.

    long no see gc\'ers
  20. Yah i think of all kinds of conspiracies from the government too. And all kinds of theories and shit.

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