What do u put under ur plants?

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  1. What do you put under your plants to stop the water going everywhere?
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    glass coasters, and car parts.
  3. I use cheep plastic bins from walmart.
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    I grow in rubbermaid bins (19 gallon). The lids make excellent drip trays! :D For 1 gallon pots, I use the plastic containers that ready-made pies from the local grocery store come in. Small pots, well, I use the clear plastic holders that cookies come in! (My kids occasionally buy pies and cookies- I don't usually buy junk food- but I won't waste a perfectly good drip tray by tossing it out as trash!)
  5. I use pots with integrated drip trays. It's not rocket science. lol

  6. Thanks for the input!
  7. Pie tins and roasting tins. The Reynolds-type throw-away shit. Left overs from cooking/baking. Clean Em up, and slide Em under my smarties.

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