What do u hydro pro's think?

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    I am new to growing and have heard that i shoudnt start with hydro however i have done alot of research an know the main reasons why it would be risky (ph fluctuations nuet ppm water temps and more) but i think i have the answer to this problem. what do you think?
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  2. yes, it's very nice, but for $1200?!?! I want some of what your smokin. I'd rather nute my res manually. that way i know exactly what is in there, what the ph is, and what my plants are getting and responding to
    i'd spend the money on better lights and ventilation myself
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    This is the way to know exactly whats in there you just dial in exact nuet ppm, ph and this thing monitors and adjusts automatically(AUTOGROW). YOU CAN EVEN ADD NUETS AND PH UP OR DOWN MANUALLY ON YOUR LAB TOP FROM ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. My grow rooms are completely decked out i have complete control of everything in my veg room and flowering room. I would list how much i have spent however most people prob wouldnt believe me or would just simply hate on me and call me stupid, MONEY ISNT AN ISSUE (NOT BRAGGING) . IM SLIGHTLY OBSESSED WITH THIS HOBBY. I DO RESPECT ALL OPINIONS THOUGH!

  4. A lot of it is touch, I probably wouldn't be able to make all the adjustments needed being somewhere other than in my grow room, but that thing is a cool gadget, if you have the money laying around, go for it, it couldn't hurt your setup.

  5. thanks man thats what i like to hear!
  6. No. Beginners usually don't know beans about their plants, let alone hydro.

    If you want a beginners hydro that will allow you to get great results without any hassle, have them use the Lucas Method the first time.

    It's very simple and can be done without checking pH if you use only RO water.

    Once a beginner has their first grow under their belt they have a much MUCH better idea of what plants do and how they behave.
    Having this information allows them to concentrate more on different hydro methods on subsequent grows since they don't have to focus on the plants as much.

    Like anything else, most of us can't just hop on a bicycle and ride if we've never done it before. It takes a little bit of time to ease into it. Granted there will always be those that are a natural who just seem to 'Get' it right away. :)

    This is a killer gadget for automating and allowing you to monitor and adjust on vacation though. There are a LOT of folks that would love to have this right now I'm sure.

    GROW ON!
  7. I have grown outdoor a few times however this is my first sirious indoor grow so i do under stand how a plant grows and its life cycle. I DO NOT HAVE THE MOST HANDS ON EXPERIENCE BUT DO HAVE SOME FRIENDS THAT GROW AND HAVE LEARNED ALOT FROM OTHER PEOPLES MOSTAKES!!!!! and have read up alot!!!! about a years worth every day now i just got my card and two patients and its time!,,
  8. It is great for vacation or when u just cant make it there. This is how i c it u dont even have to adjust your own ph or nuet ppm u just dial in your exact ppm/ph and the thing adjusts it for you it has tanks and siliniods that work to maintain exactly what u have dialed in
  9. in my opinion, its not needed but to each their own.

    I had never grown before. I read & studied other setups on here for about 6 months, I decided I would give hydro a go. I bought the things I would need over a 6 month period, put my dwc system together and started growing. havent looked back nor regretted it. with that said, I have wasted some cash on crap I didnt need. like 1000 watt light setups to start. way to big & hot in my grow closet. Now I grow under dual 400's.

    there is a learning curve for sure but the end results were worth it. Im on grow #5 now and have my setup pretty dialed in. Not a gram per watt yet but im close.

    I have 5 different strain moms I keep around to throw clones whenever needed for my grows. NL, BB, WW, Mango & B52.

    im 4 weeks into flower on my current WW grow.

    still enjoying the NL fruits from the last harvest.

    my point is, dont be afraid of hydro. just study the different setups, decide on one, pick a simple feeding program like the Lucas feeding schedule (I use it) and off you go. I started with GH micro / bloom but have switched over to GH novagrow for veg and novabloom for flowering. it is a 1 part nute that has everything your plants will need.

  10. Thanks linedrivr,

    This is the shit i want to hear! Im not scared to grow hydro but people insist that i should be. To be honest with u i think most of the people that tell me i shouldnt grow hydro currently grow in dirt and are scared themselfs to grow hydro. Most people that have done dirt and hydro love hydro and say that they should of just done hydro from the start and will never turn back to soil!!!! I do realize that hydro is less forgiving and if u dont keep your ppm , nuets and rez temp stable then you can lose a crop in the matter of a half day.


  11. with this gadget every fert is like locus!!!!!!!! Easy!!!!!!!!IT DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!!!!!
  12. you dont need that at all. 1200? hell noooooooo.

    your better off spending that on your stealth setup. the best way to grow is to just do it and feel the trees grow with your touch. dont let a machine do it for you.
  13. First off i do respect your opinion Thanks.
    With all the parts(complete) its actually 1,900$
    its hard to feel them grow with your touch when you really dont have one. Im pretty much a beginer and going for hydro dont want to risk it besides i had planed on spending i bit of cash from the getgo im ok with it

  14. well if you really dont mind the money spent then go for it. either way your going to learn.

    just make sure it does what you need and get it. :D

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