what do u hate about your friends when they're high

Discussion in 'General' started by mariguana, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. When they try to do dumb risky things like sell bud or try to smoke in the open or whatever. Can't stand it, I had a friend that could never chill without looking to sell his stash and I was the one with the car so of course I wasn't going to have it.

    Also when they hold on to it forever, my brother likes to take ten hits especially when its someone elses shit, I always have to skimp my amount because he refuses to be fair. Its like if you like to sit back and take 30 hits why bother smoking with me? Even worse if there is like 4-5+ people around. It causes a chain reaction where everyone takes multiple hits because they know its not coming back for an hour.

    Funny I have the opposite problem with my girl, she takes one hit and passes it back, I have to beg her to attempt to get a decent high.
  2. Why does it fucking matter to you?

    I couldnt care less if any of you smoked. I like the conversation and friendly people.

    I didnt see anywhere in the rules that you have to be a smoker to come on the site.
  3. I hate when I hang out with friends and all they want to do when we're high is lay around and watch tv. Pisses me off because I have to actually do things when I'm high. I love to long board when I'm blazed but they're fucking lazy.
  4. My buddy smokes like me every day(and its not like we started yesterday obviously)
    we're both about the same height aswell(i'm slightly taller) but he's more muscular) and all.
    I can take bigger tokes than him still though, sometimes he can only take half a bucket, he's prone to coughing etc but so what? if anything i cover the top or he does and then he takes the rest when he can or he just hands me the bucket and tells me to kill it. How is that such a bad thing:confused: i got bigger things to worry about than that petty shit.
  5. thats what i thought honestly when i first saw the thread, and Op's low post count
    hmmm deja vu-over stoned goofy. and lo and behold you confirmed it for me aha
  6. Probably when they eat all my munchies. I mean I like to share, but...

    Or if you get em high, because they're out, and they ask to smoke more. It's like bish please, I will call the shots here.
  7. Thiiiisss pisses me off. One time someone left an arizona and a pack of oreos in my back seat and they all rolled around and arizona and oreos were everywhere

    another time I found a half eat McDonalds cheeseburger under my fucking seat. What the fuck is that shit!

    No respect man, I drive people around never ask for gas money and this is what I get?

    That was in the past, got new friends now.
  8. One of my friends just tries so so hard to be cool. I can't stand it, i mean dude we've all known you for years, stop trying to act all cool and shit and just chill It's not like you have to try to show off to us or anything. Also when people always want to go somewhere, were all stoned and have no where to go. Why run around going a bunch of places with nothing to do, let's just loaf and chill and smoke some more. :smoke:

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