what do u hate about your friends when they're high

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  1. I've read this whole thread. Why do you guys get bothered when someone doesn't stay to hangout with you? I can understand if they only hangout with you for 20 mins to smoke your pot then dip.
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    What the fuck? Do your friends come over to hang out or to nap. Turn some music on playa
  3. Girls who try to milk up the bong like the boys do and leave 80 percent of the hit in side of the bong getting stale. Or douche bags who load up a pipe when the bongs right on the table, trying to save a little weed like a scrub.
  4. Girls who try to milk up the bong like the boys do and leave 80 percent of the hit in side of the bong getting stale.
    ive seen it and i let them know they gotta clear it
    then they say nah "im good" like wtf dont waste it. theres sober people in 3rd world countries!
  5. When we get ridiculously blazed and everyone just falls asleep. I'm just like, guys cmon, lets go do ... something. Literally anything then fall asleep, it's such a waste of a high!
  6. I only get high with my fiance and he usually gets the munchies but hes too high to get up so i end up making like 10 trips upstairs to the kitchen to induldge watever craving he gets and risking waking up my mom which freaks me out cuz she has no idea we smoke. And its not just food, if he drops the remote i have to pick it up, if he forgot his phone across the room i have to grab it, if he decided he needs to pet the cat at that very moment i have to go search for my cat.

    Also, his tolerance is way higher than mine and when we smoke he doesnt just want to relax... he wants to get MESSED UP. He would smoke our whole stash in one night if i let him! And if he gets too high it's difficult to get him to fool around in bed.

    Only good thing is that if we decide to go somewhere he always drives LOL And heck, i love him! LOL
  7. When they try to act like they've been smoking weed forever, take huge hits and end up hacking for 10 minutes. One dude actually threw up once in my dorm.

    What I probably hate most is the paranoia or the irrational fear. Me and 3 of my friends smoked with this kid one time and started watching inception, he got so afraid of the shit going on in the movie that he just left. Left his weed, hat, bowl, everything and basically ran away.
  8. ^^^ LMAOOOOOOOOO this shit cracked me up and all my coworkers looked at me like WTF..

    for real some people get straight up irrational, although i cant talk too much because one time i got so paranoid that i was about to dump my iphone somewhere far away from my house because i was thinking about a future gorvernment job and background checks and i was high as fuck so i thought the gov't was tapping my phone and everything i said about weed would get recorded hahahahaha wtf but yeah never as irrational as running away because of a movie

    anyway what i hate is when my friends dont wanna do anything.. im the type to blaze and play some video games or go on a roadtrip or play sports or some shit.. i dont like just wasting the high laying down when we could just sleep at night and when we're dead

    but yeah, funny ass thread! keep em coming lol :smoke:
  9. then why are you on this site?
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    Hahha I notice I do that when I'm really high
  11. I never understood this mindset. Regardless of gender, not every single person has the same lung capacity that you do. Why give them shit for something they have no control over? Any time a friend can't clear the bong, I finish what they have left over and I hit it again, then we move on.

    No need to make someone feel like shit over nothing.
  12. The very first time I used a bong was at this kids house that I didn't know. I torched half the bowl my first hit :eek: but I cleared it so we high-fived lol (he knew it was my first bong).

    - too much silence, like a few minutes sure, but after like 30 minutes it's time for someone to say something.
    - not doing anything, I can sit and talk and smoke and listen to music and have no problem though, as long as were enjoying ourselves.
    - shitty music (aka other peoples music :D)
  13. Lets hear more stories :smoke:
  14. that theyre my friends
  15. When i have my bong sitting clearly on the table and my friend loads up his pipe, just in an attempt to build resin. I understand if we both had pipes but my bong is clearly smoother, plus your going to get ash in your mouth and have a harsher hit just for a little resin?
  16. My one good smoking friend has been smoking for years and has a very high tolerance to weed. We'll smoke several bowls from his bong and his high only lasts about 30 minutes whilst mine lasts about 2 hours (I'm a newb). It's kind of annoying cause I'd like for him to stay high with me
  17. "Yo i'm sooo high right now...you high??"


    "Yo I am feelin great right now....you high??"


    fuckin hate that shit man....like yes i'm fuckin high i just smoked a blunt with you now chill. I love to laugh and talk and say stupid shit as much as the next guy but something about that bugs me.

  18. I see. My best friend is like that..i have the high tolerance.. she'll get baked after one bowl while I'm sparking up several more to get there..If its your green, I say why the hell not..But as far as your sit goes, either smoke more or tell your buddy to chill on the toking for a few days or something if at all possible..I don't know what else to tell ya...
  19. Sounds like your fiance's a wien, I am better/last longer in bed when I'm lit, and I provide everything for my broadz lol, tell him he needs to step his game up!!

    The thing I hate is when they fuck up shit in my car, or make a mess, or eat in it. Like, I didn't pay 45 grand for something to have you fuck it up. One time I found a cut in the passenger seat, I was rattled.

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