what do u hate about your friends when they're high

Discussion in 'General' started by mariguana, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I hate how my one friend gets really paranoid. One time he tore down all his weed posters and was ready to destroy his grow because there was a cop parked on the next street. I was like dude chill wtf.

    And OP you stole my avatar lol
  2. I honestly don't have any smoking friends.

    THAT'S what's annoying to me. :mad:
  3. I've got a friend that just talks about being high when he's high. I'll bring up something and he'll just somehow turn it into a conversation about how high he is as if i'm not.
    "Want to watch phonebooth, man?"
    "... Yeah, it's got Colin Farrel.."
    "I wonder if Colin Farrel has ever got as HIGH AS I AM RIGHT NOW. I'M HIGH."
    "Shut the fu-"
  4. if you dont like it, we got two words for ya...
  5. when they wont give me my own damn piece back for no fucking reason (not even looking at it cuz im cool with that they just have it in their pocket for no aparent reason)
  6. There's one of my friends who's the small asian ninja dude and he always has way more than he should. Like he has NO tolerance. He always starts doing crazy shit and whispering and saying shit like "Yo, you wanna play chicken with that car?" He just always does stupid shit and it always kills my fucking high when I have to keep my eye out for someone because they're not responsible enough themselves.
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    This. I hate it when people just talk about people you don't know or shit you weren't there for. You end up just listening to them talk for like an hour and barley say a couple words.
  8. when they help themselves, its never anything major, just packs of rizla or random bits of roach card but its like, just ask
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    Uuuh not to be mean but why are you on GC if you don't stoke?
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    Yeah no joke why is he?
  11. Maybe he's just a grower, or used to toke and quit. Does it matter really? :D
  12. Maybe he's on a tbreak.

    I don't think it matters.
  13. theres this one weird ass kid me and all my firends hang out with sometime mostly because hes retarded and we tell him were buying an 8th and were all pitching in and we need 40 bucks from him and then we only gotta pay a couple bucks each but everytime this kid smokes which isnt very much he gets so fucking high and is annoying as shit. its almost not worth getting almost free weed from him
  14. you sound like a shitty person
  15. ^ Agreed. Shitty person.
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    Not really, I don't scratch my vag in front of my friends.
  17. they don't wanna do anything and they mooch
  18. When my friends mooch hard
    One of my friends says "you're retarded" to everything I say
    When they don't respond to anything you say and they don't really seem that high
  19. When they act they just stepped into an episode of Jackass and want to do do some some stupid/dangerous shit.
    Annoying as hell :/
  20. I used to have a friend who would bring random ass people to my place to smoke down. And they'd expect to smoke my stash. And then proceed to eat me out of house and home. AND THEN LEAVE RIGHT AFTER because her "dog needs to go potty."

    It's like youve been here for 20mins. You live a block away. I think your dog can wait. That's just an asshole move right there.

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