what do u hate about your friends when they're high

Discussion in 'General' started by mariguana, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I never hear the end of our stories from way back when new people are around, i'd like to keep most of that shit behind me, lol.

  2. That sounds like something I'd do... You want to introduce me to your friends? :p
  3. when they dont shut the fuck up
  4. I hate that there never down to go out.. we live in a beautiful city lets go fuckin explore!
  5. A friend of mine always mumbles really quiet when all of us get medicated. It gets annoying after awhile because he doesn't realize he's doing it..

  6. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOaCCgW_0wY&feature=channel_video_title]‪dirty dishes‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    And I'm the dude that falls asleep. I don't let people smoke me out and then do it though.
  7. when they talk, and talk, and talk. dont get me wrong, i like to talk, but sometimes i just wanna chill and enjoy the silence...

  8. Amen to that!
  9. had a friend that would constantly fuck with people while he was high. sometimes when he wasn't.

  10. wow.. that would lol

  11. same here
  12. Funny ass shit
  13. thats nasty, i'd much rather have a nice clean pipe with a nice fresh green bowl oh yeeeee :smoke:
  14. Then what are you gonna do when your dry and have no way of getting bud. Resin is a stoners (second) best friend. :D
  15. I got a friend who will scream at the top of her lungs if i make a mistake when I'm driving stoned.

    I won't lie, I can be a zoned out driver while high, but I'm normally a good driver. But nooo, this chick has to change the music to what SHE wants and then freaks out when I turn it back to what I want to listen to, tells me where to go all the fucking time, even if I'm familiar with the area. And if I miss a street and have to turn around, she lets out the huge sigh, letting me know she's annoyed.

    I'm sorry but I'm not fucking perfect, take a fucking chill pill and learn to deal wit hshit better then you can.

    Really thinking of just ignoring her sorry ass for good.
  16. when they get fucking annoying
  17. So I have a friend that when we smoke together, she totally loses track of time...she'll come over at like 730 at nite and not leave til 5 in the am..She'll just fall asleep rather than going home..i try not to be rude and str8up kick her out..maybe i shouldn't be nice any more.. oh well :bongin:
  18. Not necessarily my friends, but i'll smoke with kids that I don't hangout with often. They're just boring, like don't do shit. Sit there and be quiet and watch TV.
  19. yeea duude..its like why did you even come over anyways..i personally like to smoke and do stuff..like play hacky sack or go swimming... you know, DO something
  20. I hate when i am smoking with a new group of people and they just talk about shit that i have nothing to say to. Like, why even bring me a long if your gonna talk about a party last week that i wasn't at. Then ask me why im so quite.

    Kinda gets annoying. Same, with people who always assume im gonna split the smoke when we do poppers.

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