what do u hate about your friends when they're high

Discussion in 'General' started by mariguana, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hey GC ppl this is my first post .. I'll start it off ,I got this friend that introduced me to the herb and every time we smoke together he always tells me that his balls get itchy or sweaty and that makes my balls fell the same way and its really uncomfortable . He also says that there is something wrong and he starts getting paranoid. I always tell him to chill out but he wont and its really annoying.
    Now lets hear your stories ..

  2. I laughed, I laughed hard... :laughing:
  3. If scratching your balls in front of a friend makes you feel uncomfortable, you have a problem.
  4. Its not that its just that my high gets wasted thinking that my balls when they dont
  5. dude i love ur username lol.

    mine would probably behow they always get sketched out

  6. lulwut?

    I think you just need to quit thinking about balls bro

  7. Hate people that get sketched out, it just annoys me and kills my buzz.
  8. When my friends try to make me get up and do dumb shit when I'm laying down, enjoying that tingly feeling. It sucks walnuts...
  9. when my one friend goes crazy while im driving. he'll start hitting me and yelling out his window. grabs the wheel.

    gets annoying after awhile

  10. That nigguh is a dumbass. He could easily have you all killed grabbing the wheel.
  11. My friends don't entirely understand the finer things in life I think. A lot of the times they just wanna do the same old shit like playing video games or watching TV and I wanna say fuck that let's do some shit we can't do sober. I personally like to take a nice dump in my pants after a good smoking session, but my friends just don't dig it. I don't understand what their fucking problem is
  12. I get really annoyed when I smoke with my friends and they get super high and fall asleep after 15 minutes and stay asleep til they come down and then they split. I've had a few friends who do this... leaves me to my own devices for two hours when I thought we were having a sesh, man.. :(

    even more annoying: when they wake up after 45 minutes and go "I'd take another hit", so they can sleep for another 2-3 hours before they leave.
  13. when they scrape the resin out of my pipe

    and then i ask them WTF are you doing?

    and they are like "theres a lot on here"

    DUH!!! im fucking letting it build up motherfucker why do you think there is a lot!!!

  14. That's not cool. That's about when you bust out a sharpie and start drawing on their faces
  15. when they decide to play some football in the park at 1 in the morning.
  16. Some just get really obnoxious like loud, yelling, annoying shit like that at the bk drive through then the black lady calls me sugar and asks if I'm high.
  17. I might just start... motherfuckers would look good with some french guy mustaches anyways.
  18. They always forget that I don't toke and keep trying to pass me the pipe/joint/whatever. It's not on purpose or anything, but it can get annoying after it happens couple times in a row.
  19. Yea loud ppl are really annoying. .lets keep the thread going

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