What do u get when u cross DNA Kushberry with Dinafem Blue widow?

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  1. I'm guessing about a QP per plant lol. This was a lil experiment I did just fucking around with a Blue widow that hermied on me. I took some pollen off the Blue widow and tossed it on to my KB girl just for the hell of it. I popped 5 seeds kept 2 indoors and 3 outdoors. All 5 were females. I ended up with two different phenos. One is indica dom short and bushy with very lil stretch and the other was this sativa dom beast. she's only 6 weeks into 12/12 with a 4 week veg and already has buds the size of baseballs! I'm thinking she still has around 3 or 4 weeks left so lets see what happens. She definitely took after the BW as far as smell goes. Smells exactly like skittles!

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  2. She's now 51 days from 12/12 switch and looking very impressive. As you can probably tell she's still got atleast two to 3 weeks left to go so I'm debating weather or not to start flushing her today.

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  3. Damn dude what do you have that under? Fucking monstrous!!!!
  4. Woah. Good job, did you take clones from those seeds you created?
  5. Looks like you might have found a couple keepers. Lookin really chunky, nice job. Of course you took cutting from each one.....right?
  6. Thanks bro! I'm running two 600 watters in the flowering room now.

    Yeah I took 2 cuttings off each plant but I think this one is gonna be the one I keep around. As long as the smoke is up to par ;).

    I think I def found me a keeper with this pheno. The indica pheno has been a bit of a dissapointment yield wise. Don't think I'll get more then an ounce and a half off her. All and all I'm pretty happy with what I'm seeing so far!

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