What do they mean by smoking changes as you get older?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dr. Natty Light, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. So over my few years of smoking, I've seen plenty of older tokers that always mention "getting blazed like when I was a kid". What do they mean by this? I've been smoking on the regs since 15, and I just turned 19 about a month ago. I do notice that it's not like a crazy, somewhat magical experience anymore (the magic kind of ran out maybe a couple months into daily toking)... but overall it still kind of just feels the same. Still get ripped off a bong bowl smoking daily, still can get "overly high" but it's generally off some sativa edibles. Is it even related to the high quality? or is it just a lack of energy/environmental changes, or what? I'm really curious.

    Any older members care to elaborate?
  2. As you age and find new hobbies and interests, the "experience" of blazing kinda gets diminished somewhat. When I was 18 and living in a house with 5 other chronics we got smoked almost religiously every few hours in the circle trying to get as blazed as possible. Now, I vape or dab a few times a day to keep me level and focus more on my gardens and wood working projects instead of sitting in a circle with my friends getting high as fuck.
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  3. For me, as a Californian, the quality of weed has significantly dropped since the mid to late 1990s.
    Cannabis back then was only grown by a handful of people, hidden in the shadows.

    Today, any person with a few hundred bucks can go buy some metal halides, pots, soil, fox farm, and be able to sell to a dispensary.

    It seems curing is a lost art, or just not widely understood by these newbie growers.

    I hate dispensary bud tenders who tell me what's good and that I'm wrong that bud was better in the 90s. They weren't even alive in the 90s, how the fuck would you know what bud in the 90s was like?
    Today's medical bud smells like lawn grass and barely any crystals on them.
    That's my rant.

    Btw, i started at 14 and I'm 34 now. So 20 years of cannabis use.
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  4. When I was new to getting stoned as a teenager around 14 years old until I was 17, getting stoned was like an actual psychedelic experience to me. I genuinely felt as if I was under the influence of a mind altering substance.
    Now, at 23 years old it has never been that same incredibly trippy out of body experience that I got as a teen and even when I get high after a break from smoking it is never quite as intense and I can ALWAYS function at 100% unless I am intensely high from edibles and really tired
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  5. I'm 40 so I guess I'm an older member. I find that getting stoned as an older man still brings enjoyment but I feel like I've lost that naiveté where I can simply feel the joy without the ever present burden of the stresses and responsibilities of family, career, and this thing we call life. We all handle life differently but to be honest, alcohol takes my mind off of stress more-so than cannabis does, in terms of daily use. Now when I go up snowboarding or take part in some other activity where I can achieve satori, herb is my go to.

    I can't speak for those other gents who brought this to your attention though.
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  6. everything changes as you get older...

    priorities, responsibilities, attitudes, friends, socializing etc...

    used to be that going to school and chilling with friends was my life. now that we are grown and have our own careers, and some instances our own families, getting together with friends has a whole new meaning to it.
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  7. I like how Louie puts it. It's just another fucking thing you have to worry about. (if you're a habitual smoker)
  8. The only thing I can think of that's 'changed' is how it affects others now.
    I'd never read any of this 'greening out' BS until I came here and saw all these little kids going on about it.
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  9. I appreciate the responses everyone!
  10. Gettin' higher than shit.

    Like when we was younger and getting high was still new...Then we had to fuckin' grow up, fuckin' growin' up and shit.:coolalt:
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  11. Its not nessasry the smoking that changes...you change. But don't worry about all that. Enjoy life. Have fun. Try not to take your everyday life for granted....like for me being surrounded by kilos was normal everyone did. Live now so you won't have any regrets later on and you'll be happier in the end
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  12. It's also less of a social event when you get older. It's one thing when all of your buddies are on the same schedule as you, but life takes care of that pretty quickly once school's out of the equation.
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  13. Nostalgia stems from all things past done, so if smoking is a big part of your life and always has been, memories created around the experience of getting high will be the most remembered. When younger and discoveries of weed is still relatively new, the connections formed in brain activity register an index of feels surrounding your thoughts while high, giving future value to thinking about times when you had less stress on your plate.
  14. I was chronic from 1975 to 88. Every day was a blast, a new adventure around every corner. Then real life slammed me in the face and the corporate world took over random drug testing , silly to ruin your career and tell your wife and kids you lost your career over smoking a joint! So for 26 years you bide your time. Now retirement comes around, you got plenty of free time and one of your friends says wanna get high? WTF why not, and it's so much better than when I was a chronic kid!! It changes because it's not a sneaky thing to do and hide from THE MAN. Now I'm a 57year old man that dontGAF if you know I smoke. I smoke a joint walking the dog, IDGAF . I am no longer the demographic THE MAN is looking for. Woo Hoo!
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  15. I'm still really young but I definitely don't smoke nearly as much as I used to especially as a teenager. I'm a complete pothead too it just kind of happened. I don't wanna get as high or be high as often but I still love the stuff.
  16. I feel you. Last year to be a teen as well :( will be 20 but then again life goes on and you meet new people. For me getting high is still really
    Fun to
    Me since I don't smoke it regularly, usually 2 times every two weeks or so. I have a friend who is 19
    Too but he smokes everyday he says it takes the excitement away.

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  17. It's called tolerance. It builds fast

    it's just dro bro
  18. This is why I don't smoke weed every day. This is also why I'm going to be sticking to edibles, rather than puffs.. as edibles provide a more psychedelic, mind-altering high.

    Weed tolerance builds up a lot faster than alcohol tolerance. It's just how it is. For some people, smoking weed is just like having a coffee. It just doesn't make economic sense to me. If you're going to smoke weed, it might as well be a spiritual, transcendental experience.. considering also how expensive it is.

    Alcohol, on the other hand, always feels just like the first time. :cool:


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