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    I just bought a few clones and have had them for about a week, indoor growing
    I was wondering if anyone knew what week or what stage these look like, I have no idea how old they were when I got them, First time just giving a shot at growing for fun.
    Thanks to anyone with some info or some advice where they might be at and the current light they should be getting IE 24 hours 12/12 etc
    Also other then light at this point should I be giving anything but water?

  2. Do 18/6 for awhile....and don't water like that....plant them....flood the shit out of them and then don't water again till it is almost bone dry.....that makes the roots stretch straight to the bottom of the pot looking for water. And it helps prevent burn.
  3. Thanks man, any idea what stage they might be at? Ya thats the water I was reading about, just watered before the picture and was not going to for a day or so. Any idea on how much I should be giving when it goes bone dry?
  4. I'm not sure what you mean by stage....it looks like its in the pot plant stage to me....when its dry flood the shit out of them again and wait till bone dry....not like killing the plant dry but close.
  5. Will do, I meant stage as in like what estimate of the week of growth it was in.
  6. At 4 nodes probably a couple weeks old since showing roots as a cutting.
  7. Alright thanks man, at this point do they look ok? Any obvious deficiencies?
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    Thanks man bookmarking now, thanks again for all the info.
    So then just keep up the pure water then? How many weeks to see a noticeable growth amount on average? (make sure they are on track) What I mean is like for every week should they grow 1 inch on average, 2, 3, 4?
  9. Feeding your plants will depend on what type of soil they are in. My soil has everything in it already so I only need to keep them moist with tap water their entire life, but most store-bought soils will require some type of plant food at some point.

    Let your plant tell you if it needs food or not. You'll be able to tell by the color of your leaves. If they stay nice and green like they are then they don't require plant food; if they start to change/lighten in color then you will want to give them a little food - but go easy and don't overdo it.

    Don't let your soil become too dry. Too dry can kill fine root hairs. If you keep the soil just moist all the time you'll be in good shape.

  10. ^ well said....yes op listen to him....um if you went with foxfarm do straight water for 20-30 days then feed....but don't over do it.
  11. When waiting for clones to take off, you will get what looks like mild deficiencies as they focus a lot of growth on the roots. Unless it starts get severe you need to fight the urge to start throwing a bunch of nutrients at it. A couple things to note though:
    1.) I dont see any perlite, make sure your medium have enough aeration to they do not drown when you water. 
    2.) Age is really hard with clones because you do not know how big the cutting was when they took it.
    3.) When you do finally start to feed fertilizers, start really slow, like 1/4 strength. 
    They look like they are doing well so far, good luck on your grow!
  12. Thanks man, the soil is Organic Miracle Grow Potting Soil, is there a special thing I should buy or is Miracle grow plant food sufficent?
    Cool, will check on the colors.
    Thanks for the information man, will try to control myself until a litte later on.

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