What do they all mean?

Discussion in 'General' started by hanky, Jun 25, 2004.

  1. WHat do all these do, what makes them different, and which is the best to get... Bubblers, Sidecars, Hammers, Headies/Exclusive Pieces. This is all stuff from grasscity's color changing section.

  2. Bubbler- A wet piece (uses water). Basically, under the bowl, a stem leads down into a chamber that holds water. When you light the bowl, the smoke is pulled down into the water (it makes a bubbling noise, like blowing air into a coke through a straw, hence the name, bubbler) and the water filters out tar and nasty shit, and it also cools the smoke down. Depending on the size of the piece, you can usually get pretty large hits off of these. If you get a cool one, people will think it's the shit when they see it. They'll definitely want to toke on it.

    Hammer- A dry piece. This is basically just like a spoon, except with a much bigger chamber. Most of these are bigger than spoons too. Bigger chamber = bigger hits.

    Sidecar- A dry piece (no water). The same thing as a hammer, except instead of the bowl/chamber being in line with the stem of the piece, it is off to the side, sort of like a sidecar on a motorcycle. Pretty big hits as well, depending on the size.

    Headies and exclusive pieces are just badass pieces that few people buy.

    I don't like wet pieces, so in my opinion, of these choices, hammers are the coolest. I'm too lazy to deal with water.

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