What do the colours signify?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jamanoid, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. In terms of the users here, I notice in the bit down the bottom that says the amount of users online some people have their names in red, orange, and one guy has grey.
    What's that about then?
  2. Mods and shit bro.
  3. Grey is a cop... ;)
  4. blue=gods
    bronze,silver,gold= paid members
  5. Gods?
  6. Yeah, why do you think you dont have to pay :mad:
  7. Wait what?

  8. cos blue are the poor peasants of the city :mad:

  9. Red and blue is da cops maan.
  10. I'm a cop
  11. Gods get in for free :mad:
  12. Get into what for free? I didn't pay for this lol
  13. Bc you're a god man.
  14. Well yeah haha. But seriously, I though everyone got in for free haha

  15. Nope. Who told you that fictional information?
  16. Guys wtf. Lol I sense Joking.
  17. My name is black like my dick.
  18. Must be nice to have the luxury of that assumption...
  19. Dammit guys stahp :laughing:
  20. I got in for free. What the hell are you guys talking about??

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