What do the blue rep dots mean?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by roorexpert2, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. i can understand red for bad rep and gren for good rep, but whats teh blue?
  2. i dont understand how you see your reps, will someone explain this as well

    (sorry to butcher your topic roor)
  3. I'd call it a purple maybe. They mean the person doesnt have enough rep point to affect ur rep either way

    I get em often :rolleyes:

    actually it looks kinda blue now that u mention it, I think it changed, but still means the same thing.
  4. how do you see your rep history or the little messages people include in your reps?
  5. User CP....on that first page....shows your neg or positive reps in a row...

    sorry i'm extremely baked
  6. Click User CP towards the top of the page.
  7. maybe if you have no rep... you see nothing?

    I see nothing. =)
  8. thats a good question man, i wondered that for awhile too.:confused:
  9. Mine are grey or gray:confused_2: I dont know which one is right :smoking:
  10. mine are purple lol, i despise them.
  11. Its actually grey.
  12. yeah i see gray too. all you other motherfuckers smoke too much weed!

  13. It's definitely grey! :p
  14. Wow..

    I have negative rep from someone who I won't name for quote, "being a faggot" nice to see people are so welcoming and nice here....

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