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What do shrooms look like?

Discussion in 'General' started by Third3ye, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. I went looking in a field this morning after it rained really hard yesterday and this is what I found: Some white mushrooms with a tint of red on the caps of the larger ones. The stems are about as wide as a dime, the caps are big around, like the diamater of a baseball and they are about 3-5 inches tall. So basically they look like very ordinary mushrooms. Are these the right kind? I'm going to get a friend to look at them tomorrow, but I was wondering if you guys tell me.
  2. Honestly a description of shrooms you found will help worth shit.
    Post a picture.
    Also you can always send a picture to www.shroomery.org and have them help you ID it.

    Compare the mushroom to pictures of shrooms on www.erowid.com

    And be really careful if you DO end up taking them, take a very small amount. Picking your own shrooms can be very risky unless you know exactlly what you are taking--be careful.

  3. Your description wasnt that great but I am pretty sure those mushrooms you got are poisonous.
  4. The pictures on erowid.com are all these mushrooms that were found in foresets and they are tiny ass things. And I thought the shrooms could only be found in fields, yet every picture of a live mushroom on that site is in a forest. They don't look like what my friend told me.
  5. I would never eat a mushroom that I found on the ground. I don't care where that ground might be (filed, forest, backyard...). I would only get them from my dealer or try to buy and grow my own.
  6. Um... you know you can boil them and make shroom tea don't you? So if you're worried about bacteria or whatever, that isn't a problem. Thats how we do it down here.
  7. She's probably worried more about bad identification or ending up with a deadly shroom. There are alot of look-alike shrooms that are highly toxic.
  8. Hey,

    post some pics. Most psilocybin mushrooms bruise blue on the stems. If you know anyone in Mycology, have them look at em.

  9. a lot of mushrooms contain posions, so no matter what way you treat the mushrooms for bacteria--the posions will still be in the mushroom.

    If they are psycadelic mushrooms, and do contain psylicibin you can boil them for a shroom tea for precautions incase of bacteria e.t.c. :)
  10. Hey,

    Also, just because a mushroom has Psilocybin, does not mean it is safe to eat. There are many kinds of mushrooms that have Psilocybin along with lethal toxins.
  11. arent like 60% of mushrooms poisonous? if you have never even seen psycadelic mushrooms before it would be a good idea to throw those back into the wild

  12. ya somthing like that--probally more.
    Remember that psylcibin is considered a posion to. After all that is what you are injesting to make you hallucinate/get high everytime you use shrooms.
  13. The only problem I see is someone asking for advice, and not giving that requested advice any credit. Go ahead and eat those shrooms. :smoking:
  14. Lol, well obviously I messed up the drying process on them because I laid them out on a newspaper to dry in a spare room upstairs but they were starting to stink up the room. So I put them in a wood box and planned to dry them outside today since its been cloudy lately but when I opened the box, they had all turned to a wet nasty mush. The water in them had no where to go and damn did the inside of that box stink. Those mushrooms are gone now.

    But anyways, I know what they look like now because my friend looked at them and said 2 of them were definately shrooms. They had a marshmellow like cap that curved downward. Then another friend who was there said to squeeze the stem and if the juices were purplish then it meant they were psychedelic. Have you guys ever heard of doing this?
  15. A wide variety of mushrooms bruise blue. Alot of people use this to check if its a cubensis

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