what do probation officers do

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  1. does anyone know what probation officers generally do on a slip up on a drug test for the first time?? i live in illinois if it matters
  2. You will probably just get a warning, as long as you're honest with him. He might boost your probation up a level, or start drug testing you more often.. depends on the guy TBH
  3. Dude, you already made a thread about this.
    Not that i dont want ppl to give you advice, I read your other thread, I think we came to the conclusion either they'll excuse it since its your first test, or else you'll probably get more probation or more frequent testing.
  4. sorry i thought the other thread was talking about me failing.. i tried starting a new one mentioning about what the PO actually does...my bad tho sorry for keeping it goin im just a little stressed. thanks for bearing with me...
  5. A lot of P.O.'s will totally ignore it and others will make sure you go to jail for violating probation. It's really how much they like you and want to keep you out of jail... a lot of P.O.'s actually want to help you (I know it sounds crazy). My vote is you'll get a warning, nothing else.
  6. Yea mine did nothing..I met him every 6 weeks and jus couldn't get in trouble or it would be a violation of probation.. he never drug tested me either
  7. WOW! i feel like i can fucking breathe again. I talked to him he said "well make sure you get some sleep at night. we don't do anything on one positive but we need to address the situation." i guess the main reason i was frightened was because i only met the guy one time in 6 months ive been on probation and that time was at the very beginning just to meet him. and he is like 6 10 and scary looking. but wow thanks to everyone who made my nerves relax a little with their experience and knowledge. you have no idea how much it helped me keep my cool. happy early 420 to all of you out there!
  8. glad you got off. its always your best bet to just be honest with them... and through in some emotional bullshit whenever you can... but don't like try to throw the blame on your emotions because that seems to make them upset.

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