What do packages say when you order something from grasscity?

Discussion in 'General' started by NjRANGER, Sep 12, 2002.

  1. I want to order something from grasscity.com, but dont want my mom to know that order something from a site called grasscity.com! lol! do they have something else on the box, and if they dont, are there descreet sites that i can order from? also, what does it say on the credit card bill? thanks for the help!
  2. It says:

    Thankyou for choosing "Joe's Love Shack" as your source for quality sex toys, sexy lingerie or pornography. I trust you will be happy with your purchase.

    That's what mine said......
  3. no..

    it will read, and I quote, "norm's shack of nutty smothered smooth sweetness"

    you'll be okay...

    ..I was..
  4. Mine said:

    "hello I am a package from grasscity. I contain a good glass spoon... how are you switch?"

    But I did have a strange illness that made me hallucinate.
  5. lmao switch ...that would be sweet lol
  6. LOL, this is a fun thread :D
  7. Its a plain brown package with an address from some place in the netherlands and it has US customs declarations on it. Credit Card??? Send a money order instead.
  8. big poppa puff, thank you for your kindness and wise words. for the rest of you, that wasnt very nice! lol

  9. Your welcome!

    and if I wasn't trying to turn my karma I probably woud have posted just like the rest of these jokers here. LOL
  10. if your using credit card u should be able to use paypal. it doesn't describe what you purchased. i believe it'll just say paypal. but i have no idea if grasscity has it or not. but i would think most would.
  11. then who sent this guy? he said he was from the city...hmmm...

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  12. BPP is lying...hes just sayin that...he doesnt want everybody to know that his packages only come from "gay bobs dildo emporium of slimy fun"

    oh..and sensi....ill get you back one of these days!!!!
  13. So do the packages actually have postage from the netherlands on it, ive been caught a couple of times by my parents, so if i ordered i would rather not recieve a package from the Netherlands. Also, if you dont order anything glass (a wood chillum or something) it wouldnt say containing glassware? So then all the risk is is that it says from the netherlands, right?

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