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what do i use to kill these bugs???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tiny_timca, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. i have little white bugs on my baby (JUST ONE) and she has a couple

    of spots on the leaves where they have been eatin threw.

    any name brand stuff of what i should use???

    any help please.

  2. im not 100% sure but i would isolate that plant from the others jus so it doesnt spread.... ill get back to you on a specific thing you could use.... good luck sam
  3. If you've got a co2 system up and running, then strike thoose motherfuckers down with co2. Double the "recommended" amount, it'll kill the pest and the short boost won't be harmful for the plant.
  4. no co2 my plants r outdoor
  5. I don't know much about which outdoor pesticides would be safe, but I would recommend doing something like that.
  6. I had a recent problem with outdoors bugs eating my stuff up, and I didn't want to use any sort of powerful chemicals as I was going to be smokin' the stuff, ya know.

    The hardware store here had some stuff in a spray bottle called "Safer Insect Killing Soap", it's a green bottle and the front says something about seaweed or something in it (it smells a bit when you first spray it), but it's safe to use up to the day of harvest on fruits and vegetables.

    And so far so good... whatever was tearing up the plant is gone.
  7. thanks bro i'll see if i can find it
  8. Ive heard if you are growing sess pissing on your plant would make the bugs and the animals stay away.. but who wants to smoke pee// someone correct me if im wrong....
  9. HIGH All, I'll correct're wrong ok.

    The plant you showed is not and I repeat is NOT marijuana.

    Please do not give out advice if your not sure what your talking about...some people put alot of time and money into what they love to do and someone comes along and doesn't even know what a marijuana plant looks starts giving advice. So if you can't give sound advice...Please listen and read more.

    I know most will not take this seriously

    Thank You.

    Edit: Ok...back to the question. Safer's as remorse said it's your best bet. The thing I try to do is Identify the pest and when you can do that you can find the right pest control for that pest.
  10. Naturaul product.

    The first line of defence :D

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