What do I try?

Discussion in 'General' started by SmokeandJoke, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. I'm pretty new to pot smoking...I just started this summer. I really like it, and its a ton of fun and helps me unwind. Ok, anyways...

    Here's my question for you guys- what other stuff, ie, shrooms, Ex, LSD, should I try? Are there things I *shouldn't* try? I like trying new things but I don't want anyhting that will A) Fuck me up permanently or B) is dangerous.
  2. I only use MJ. I haven't doen much of any thing else.....
  3. Shroomz at least.
  4. you tried the green and like it. why do you need anything more? why take the chance, in getting the wrong mushroom or eating too much.
    you asked.what other stuff, ie, shrooms, Ex, LSD, should I try? :D
    none of the above! ya smoke marijuana to unwind...i dont think lsd or schrooms are unwiders. much the opposite. ya wanna unwind smmore, have a nice soak in the tub witha joint, that you should try.

  5. E is pretty fun.
  6. yeah and i am sure heroin's a blast. i'm not rushing out to do it though. ecstacy is a dangerous drug not a good idea, sure you will probably be alright if you do it once, but from what i have heard, it feels about like it sounds and most don't do it only once.

    before you go and do any drug, you should research it. go to www.erowid.com this site has tons of great info on anything you could want to know about concerning drugs.

    i personally stick to the sweet cheeba, and shrooms for special occasions. but not very often.
  7. stick with the green for now. and some liqour of course.

    The other drugs really are nothing like marijuana. Take some shrooms at some point, they are a good drug to try, but again, are nothing to unwind on, and are not at all like marijuana.

    for now, stick with weed.
  8. shrooms, thats what id try other than weeed

  9. go there. you dont deserve the thorough answers you got.

    and adam bc... are you stupid? "stick to the green and some alcohol" you do know that alcohol kills more people every year than every illegal drug combined?
  10. i wouldent suggest taking advise from people on the internet youv never talked to before.. i know i would trust some people here.. but its not that good of an idea to mess around with drugs.. get someone you know thats tried them a lot and know a lot about them... and that you trust... but just stay safe!

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