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  1. I'm going to be starting my first outdoor grow in a few weeks and I'm just wondering what I need. I've read a buch of Tuits and guides, and they've helped a ton. But my question is, what exactly do i need to buy. Can someone tell me what kind do i buy of:


    Just ones that can be picked up at any Wal-Mart or Home Depot. Like I said, this is my first grow, so I'm not going to spend huge amounts on stuff, but I am willing to spend what i need to. thanks in advance.
  2. Ok soil i can help you with if you go to homedeopt.
    First I think Scott is the best.
    Get there fast rooting soil ( with no nuts )
    Then get a bag of there peat moss
    Then get a bag of purlite
    Worked great!
    Just mixed it all up. You can get just the soil ( has pur and peat ) but i like to add a lot more for drainage. So basically get the Scott rooting soil, best stuff i have found :wave:
    idk if that makes sense...kinda drunk :wave:
  3. thanks a lot. i'll wait for sober (yeah i know, oxymoron on a drug board) person to come through just to make sure, cause i plan on going in the next coiple days, but the soil mix is a huge help.
  4. Ferts and nutes are the same thing. You can get something that grows vegetables. NPK should be about 15-15-15 or 20-20-20. Make sure it has "trace elements" otherwise known as micronutrients. These include zinc, calcium, boron, magnesium etc. All of this should be on the back of the box. Make sure you have a good fan, a timer, a soil PH tester is a must and get some pots of course. What are you using for lights? I think that covers it ok. Scott's soil without nutrients is ok as long as you get those other things for drainage. Don't forget to get peat gravel (those little rocks) to put on the bottom inch or two of your pots for drainage. Happy shopping.

  5. growing outdoors
  6. Yeah, your right. Shit, I read about 100 posts a day and can't keep them straight LoL. Then why did you say ferts? Anyway, some ferts and potting soil might be needed outside, depends on the soil.
  7. You never mention if ya putting in the ground or in pots for outdoors, I would just dig a hole and plant in the soil (depends on where you at) in the ground, might be better then any bag soil you buy, plus you wont have to transplant, but if security is an issue then by all means use pots so you can move them around.

  8. I'm actually not sure yet. I have yet to find a spot, but i do have a location. I'm just waiting for the mud to go away some before exploring. So, it's going to depend on the exact location of where it's going to be, but I'm def leaning towards digging a hole if possible.
  9. last frost dates like may 23rd, id put em in the ground they'd blend in better


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