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  1. I have a 2'7 by 4'11 by 6'7 tent with 2 four inch and i think 3 eight inch outlets for ducting and I'm kind of lost with what i need. What would you guys get for this get for this tent if you would be getting ready to grow 3-4 plants. Im espaccialy confused with the ventilation part of what i need.
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    Ventilation is pretty easy, and there are tons of threads on here which have helpful guides to setting up a tent from the bottom up. You could get a 400-600w hps with that tent and a 350-400cfm exhaust fan to push that hot air out. As long as you can keep temps at 75-80 you're good. Here's how you set the tent up...

    Things you need...
    Exhaust fan
    2-3 oscillating fans
    carbon filter (to keep the smell away)

    Carbon Filter-->Ducting-->Exhaust Fan-->Ducting out of tent and exhausting the hot air either out through a window or into another room.

    You also want to make sure you bring in some cool air into the tent, some people hook ducting to mini ac units or ac vents and push the ac in the tent while your carbon filter/fan set-up exhausts the hot air out the other end. I just got a cool tube since my temps were too hot since I can't bring cold air into my tent (closet grow no AC in closet)..with the cooltube I run my setup like this now..

    Carbon Filter --> Ducting --> Cooltube --> Ducting out of tent --> Exhaust Fan (outside of tent now)-->Ducting running warm air to another room

    Check out my Blue Mammoth journal in my sig below to see how my set-up is. For some reason I can't upload pics today, and I just set my cooltube up last night, when I can upload I will put those pics up so you can see how I had/have my tent set-up. :bongin:

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