What do I need to do to save this guy?

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    I've got two 75 watt daylight cfls on it and a 65 watt grow light from home depot.
  2. Wow that seedling is really stretching for light. You have your lights to far. I would carefully transplant it deeper down into soil and move your lights closer but not to close to where it burns the plants. The part of the stem that is transplanted under the soil will become part of the root system. Get your light closer and put your hand at canopy level and if its to hot for your hand then its to hot for your plants, readjust light hieght.
  3. it looks like it stretched way too much... how far are the CFLs and how many hours are your lights on for
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    Here's my setup.

    Up until yesterday I was running the one plant on the left only (the one on the right is just poking out now) and I was running it 24/7 until I thought it was dying (when it fell) and i left it off for 6 hours. And that photo gives a pretty good accuracy of the height of the lights
  5. That cfl should be within 3-5 inches from your plants.
  6. Oh man.. I feel like such an idiot, thanks guys
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    Adjusted the height


    This is my new and (hopefully improved) setup with the bottom lights (75 equivalent watt cfls) for each plant and then a 65watt grow light on top. Do i need that grow light?
  8. Fuck that grow light, get the highest wattage cfl's you can find. 75 equiv? what's that like 13 actual watts? way too low. Get at least 150 actual watts of cfl's under those babies, and re-pot the stretched one, and leave about an inch of stem above soil.
    That is one of the most severely stretched seedlings I've seen.
  9. My light clamps say (the smaller ones) that they can only handle 75watts, is that 75 equiv or 20 (the actual watt)? If they can handle more, I'm going shopping tomorrow haha
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    The equivalent is just what it would be if it was a normal light bulb, it is really 13watt~ range. You can safely get 23watt~ CFLs. I have the same light fixture with clamp as you and I got 23watt, 100+ equivalents in them. Yeah, that is the long stretch I have seen too, you have time to buy more lights / fixtures as you go, home depot sells cheap 4 packs of daylight bulbs.

    Here is a picture of some of my new girls, the light is 2-3" away, with 23 watt, 100 equivalent to incandescents.

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  11. Thanks man, that's exactly what I'm gonna do.
  12. Be sure to keep us posted!
  13. How they lookin since yesterday? They like the new distance?
  14. Move lights closer. Tie him up like a tomato plant
  15. for my veg grow, i had 3 small seedlings sprouted. i have 45W soft light and 45W daylight and a 30w softlight. This lasted (with mylar and my hps hood (extra reflection for light escaping the back side of the plant (towards the door) This helped with the light leak from the closet(the hood directed the light away from the door, through the plants and back to the mylar back and sides lining. With CFL you want to 100% maximize every single bit of light. I had one incident, (in a hurry + excitement and inticipation, rigged up the lights to 1" above the plants. I have a non osculating fan as well on 24/0. the lights were 18/6 for 1 month before i moved to flowering, unfortunately a week into the grow i had to get that male bastard the snip snip. Im starting over with more then just 1 and risking a start over again.

    Make sure u get a fan in there(if you dont already.) Dont hurricane the seedlings (ESPECIALLY WITH THE STRETCH) . Drop them lights down. get some reflective material (NOT TIN FOIL!!! -- This creates hot spots that your fan may not even take care of.

    It isnt an unfixable error. like they said, u could replant deeper down (be very very careful!) however, imo (which is somewhat new, so take it as u wish) if it was bag seed, i would start over. for your first couple grows, dont buy seeds and do the SUPER WEED that those CA and CO fuckers are all over. my frist grow was with mids, i got 2 OZ dried using all CFL and mylar, appropriate nutes and TLC <---Best for ya plants imo) off of 3 plants, one hermied, and we choppped it and harvested 2 months before to avoid seeds. but the two femmies in the room we did well. This was in highschool with much less knowledge.

    If you ordered seeds, stick it out and see what happens. If u did order ( definetely put it down lower (VERY CAREFULLY as they said above. If its bag seed, call a buddy - get some of those i got a quater pound of Bronx Deisel with the 1 seed at the bottom the bag and snatch that shit up!. Take care of that femmi mother, get a few clones going and start over.

    all i know is if i bought seeds, i would wait till its dead before pulling it.

    let me know what you think
  16. yeah i use 2 40W Daylight and a 30W softlight CFLs, This alone with the mylar and reflective hood to pass extra light back through was enough. I have a 18" floor fan about 3 feet on low setting for seedlights, once it got the 5'th node, i bumped the fan up to setting 2. Its not osculating, but with the setup i have. works perfect. With the CLF;s and Fan i got to 1 month with no problems ( signs of light stretching, no nute signs or in need of anything other then LITFA technique.

    my lights were .5" to 1.5" max with the fan keeping the hot pockets of air away.

    my first setup i had a fan fall, (was waaay too high 3" and used electric tape (DEEERRRR) and it fell over night because i did a stupid ass re alignment and landed dead center and pushed the plant down, and ended up burning the 2nd node fan and the 4th node fan leave as well as smashing the plant into the ground. -- thank god when i checked after the light was just put on 2 hours before so minimal damage was done, within 4 hours was standing straight and tall! The leaves survived

    Keep the fan on 24/7 because most of the veg ( and flowering) growth is all done at night. and the more the leaves and stem wiggle, the stronger they get setting you up for flowering stage.

    let me know how u feel on the imput. GET A FAN!! especially
  17. I transplanted it into a bigger pot, covered most of the stem up and it seems to be a little happier, but after about 6 hours she's still not fully up. i also replaced my generic 65 watt grow light with a 150watt cfl, but its a soft white i believe. it's also making my little closet really really hot, so much that i'm a little worried. so total, i have two 75watt daylight cfls and a 150watt that i think is a soft white. should that be enough for two plants? I've got them around 3-4 inches from the lights. Here's an updated pic of the struggler.


    The little one who's a little over a day old is ALREADY purple! My friend, who has grown/improved upon a few select varieties outdoors for about 10-11 years, gave me these seeds that he describes as "purple dwarfs" because they don't get very big. i can't wait til it gets big enough that maybe i can post pics and identify the strain. thanks, guys!!

  18. Thanks man! Today I bought a 150watt to improve upon the big 65 watt grow light, so its a damn oven in there. usually i turn my fan on (its a box fan) at night but point it in the opposite direction - at myself! so now that i bought a surge protector that actually reaches all the way to my closet, i can have more freedom of where to hang my lights - right now they're clamped onto clothes hanging down from my hangers - it's sooo ghetto but when i showed my buddy he was impressed.
  19. deion19, is that 65w grow light from Home Depot an incandescent? If so, you'd be better off using CFLs, incandescents don't really give off the right spectrum and heat up quite a bit.
  20. When you think you have the cfl's to close then add another inch closer... With cfl's if the leaves dont whilt then your good. Also you can bury 90% of that stem and put a small fan blowin air around the stem the you should be good.

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