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  1. Currently had to relocate my plant, recently over did it with nutes so I was told to cut back to 1/4th the regular to flush, growing in coco coir w/ perlite using hydroponics flora gro, bloom, micro and MagCal. I threw off my 12:12 slightly in the move, but I read it can recover from that.

    My question is, how do I work on healing this curl issue? Seems to be getting slightly worse, slowly.

    (I have more pictures if needed)
    Thank you all!


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  2. lay off the nitrogen fertilizer .
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  3. Thanks for replying... I'm new and still learning what's going on, soo with that said, which ones the N fertilizer ‍♂️
  4. that plant looks like it's stabilizing...look for the new growth not to curl ..the curled leaves for the most part don't uncurl.be patient. finish the 1/4 strength flush ...you will see a difference in about a week...then slowly bump up to the normal dose...make sure always the runoff ph is in range.!! 5.5 to 6.2 for hydroponics and 6.5 to 7.2 for soil...


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  5. What are your temps? "Clawing" doesn't come from nute burn. It either ones from heat stress or mites in my experience.
    Nute burn will give you yellow tips and curl upward then become brittle.
    Do you know what strain you're growing? OGs tend to be dark green in my experience.

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  6. No idea he strain. Bought 4g from my buddy back in March and found a seed in the grinder so I said to my girl, let's plant it and see what happens. And well, this is where we're at with very little knowledge so everyone on grasscity has been amazing with help!

    But the apt is at 73 degrees and I have a fan on it. So I wouldn't think it was the temp. How do I find if it's mites? I remember someone telling me you need a magnifying glass because they're so small? Or is there some sign on the leaf that practically says "mites" on it? Lol
  7. I agree looks like nitrogen toxicity. Your flush should help and cut back on the nutes with more N. the bottles should have three numbers like 4-6-6 or something. The first number is nitrogen

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  8. Thank you for helping! I didn't know where the nitrogen was coming home. So I did end up google searching it so I had an idea, but this helps clarify things!
  9. What's the temp at your plant? Not in the whole apartment. Keep in mind the thermostat only reads the temp where ever it is located not the whole apt.
    When looking for mites turn the leaf over and look for moving black, red, or white dots. They are very tiny and might look like dirt.
    I will have to disagree about too much nitrogen. I feel like if you gave it to much N you would see burn as well. IMO

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