What do I need for my tent

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  1. Title really says it's all I'm getting a 24"x24"x48" grow tent what will I need for the tent ? Sorry still new to all this

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  2. Yes defo read through gwe.com its amazing.

    I copied this from the first page of my journel

    My setup;

    1.2 x 1.2 x 2m lighthouse grow tent
    Lumatek dimmable electronic ballast with 660w super lumens
    600w mh
    600w hps lumii sun blaster
    (mh for veg then I'll switch over for flower)
    Carbon filter
    3" inline fan
    5" exhaust fan
    reflector hood (so it can be vented)
    Oscillating 6 & 8 " fans

    Bio buzz LIGHT mix soil
    Extra Perlite (mixed 10ltrs into 100ltrs, but soil already contained perlite)
    30 ltr fabric pots ( not fully filled as altogether I have 110ltrs of medium)

    Fox farms trio for soil (grow big, tiger bloom, Big bloom).. I plan to start 1/4 strength after a few weeks.?.

    Also got some cal-mag if needed

    I also bought 2 scrog nets.

    Here's a link of you want a look. Good luck !

    First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod
  3. Note I Have had to upgrade to 6" extractor and switched the 5" for my inline. Also got a Cool tube. Uk's actually haveing a nice summer!
  4. You will be good with 150-250 watts of hps or led. If you go with led read the specs for actual wattage.

    4" inline fan/filter, 160-200 cfm. Get the best filter you can find, one of mine is 8 years old and still scrubs 100%.

    Might want to pick up $2 worth of 1"X2"x96" lumber, some kite string, and make yourself a screen. That will help boost your yield. I ran one of these setups for years, 2-3 oz per month for $14/month in electric.

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