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  1. Let me preface this post by saying i am new to growing and still learning a great deal. I am in week 5 and this Lemon Sour Berry (pictures attached) just looks strange to me, especially the main cola. I am wondering if it's a) simply genetics and an immature plant b) been pollinated c) just a shittily grown plant, or d) something entirely different. 
    A little background: It was grown alongside another plant that developed bananas around week 4 (I have since plucked all i could find). Since the switch to 12/12, it has grown differently than the few plants i have grown in the past (ie. lots of leaves on the main cola, huge bracts sp.?, sparse bud formation). It's supposed to be a sativa dominant if that helps. 
    What do you all think? 


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  2. Looks pregnant but I would keep growing it, keep and smoke the bud or make hash, then grow out those seeds. Looks healthy and could make an excellent cross. Good luck!
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    What are your growing specs? How long has it been flowering?

    Looks undergrown but I have not seen that strain grown before.Could have been some stress, I don't think it'd be from the hermie plant.It is a sativa dominant so...but with the information you gave I can only guess as to what it may be.

    It may have some seeds in it, squeeze some fatter buds and see.
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  4. Growing under a 150 watt HPS with cfls for sidelighting in a small cab. Last 3 weeks has been fed foxfarm according to their schedule. I did have light leaks for the first 3-4 weeks of flower, but i have since fixed it. Anything else?
    It's been pretty healthy otherwise.
  5. Light leaks are a very bad thing.They can actually halt the flower process.Seems like your plant is kinda tough.Make sure to continue to flower without light leaks.It will produce alot less because of the light stress it went through.

    Technically you can make it go back into the grow stage and let it fill out and then flower it again but it depends on how well you can keep the plant maintained.
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    Thanks for the replies. Revegging is not really an option at this point because of its size. I suppose i will just let it keep going and see what happens. I did open some and there is a tiny little seed-like thing in there. Really tiny and white-ish in color. Don't know if its the early stage of a seed or just another part of the growing process.
    If it's not impregnated, has anyone seen really big calyxes (or bracts, not sure) like i have here? I guess i am hoping they will swell more to make a full cola.  
  7. Its pregnant.. You said it yourself, small white things are the start of the seed. Keep it going man. Seeds aren't cheap and chances are, you'll have some dank ass phenos show from the cross. And you can still smoke the flower.. Just gotta pick out them seeds.

    I've seen fat calyxes but not on a sativa/haze like that
  8. I guess the news could be worse than ending up with a nice batch of seeds. One last questions if this is the case. The hermie plant was a Blue City Diesel and both were cloned females. Am i correct that the resulting seeds should be a feminized cross between lemon sour berry and Blue city Diesel? I can live with that...
  9. That's right! Sounds fire to me. You might end up with a Hermie here or there but nothing too crazy
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