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what do I gutta do to get hold of a medical marijuana card

Discussion in 'General' started by G13haze420, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. I'm moving to CA in a few months and just wanna know what do I gutta do to get hold of one?

  2. Hahahahaha, omfg, dude, that's the funnyest shit I've seen in a long time, I havnt had laghies in years
  3. It's easier to fake a psychological problem, try saying you have severe insomnia and ADHD, thc is nearly a perfect cute for both
  4. really bro? come up with your own the laws and what conditions are allowed and what doctors do what.
  5. I'm no expert but you prob need medical proof that what you're trying to use to get your MMJ card had been a problem in the past. Like for insomnia if in your medical records you've been given melatonin and want to try something new, like weed, then you should be good to go. But if you just show up claiming you can't fall asleep with no records to back it you're prob gonna get kicked to the curb. Just my .02
  6. To get a rec legitimately from a reputable doctor, you need a medical condition*, a copy of your medical records (ask your doctor for them), California ID (Driver's License or CA ID Card) and cash.

    If you can't get your medical records, you should look for the cheapest clinic you can find. They tend to be less fussy. :cool:

    Granny :wave:

    *Click the first link in my sig to see what a wide range of conditions that cannabis can be used for! Any of them will do in California! :eek:

  7. Nice, thanx man, that reely helps. Apreciate it brue :D
  8. Yea there some sketchy places out there my buddy got his recommendation in About 30 minutes He talked to the doctor Via Skype.. Signed some papers Paid fee got his recommendation then left.. There's alot of sketchy places like these now but Technically they're legit

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  9. Also he just say you had trouble sleeping and no appetite Something like that you can really say anything As long as it passes as a medical condition Also the only thing he came in with was his California ID and $60

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  10. Fuck yeah, thanx man, I'll look into it
  11. Dont you have to be a resident of cali for atleast a year before you can get a medical card?
  12. A cautionary note about the "el cheapo" pot docs, if they lose their license (and a number of them ARE shady, or under investigation), your rec is no longer good! :eek:

    Also make sure you are talking to the real doctor! A few clinics got in big trouble for having just a nurse, or med tech, do all the "people work" and having their single pot doc signing all the recs while never even seeing the patients! :rolleyes:

  13. I believe it's a violation of GC rules to tell someone to scam the medical marijuana system, correct me if I'm wrong. Heads up before you get an infraction man.

    On that note, if you have any medical condition that qualifies you for medical marijuana, then just get a doctors recommendation and enjoy your smoke!
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    Im just gonna delete this and back outta here lol

  15. I used to be on anti depressents, I was pretty fucked up emotionaly, that's when I started blazin, I'm living in south africa now and the cops here don't give a fuck about a card, if they bust you the cuff you, that's why I wanna go to CA, weed reely helps people like me and unfortunatly south african goverment is to stubborn to see dat.
  16. Even if I can't get one i suppose there's no reason I can't just continue growing my own and just try my best not to get caught, thanx for your help Guys

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