what do i get if i buy seeds from grasscity?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by low420, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. I looked and it didnt say. Contact them.
  2. Aren´t they traditionally sold in packets of TEN???
  3. Some places sell 10 and some 12 or 20.
  4. If you are in the USA they won't sell seeds to you.
  5. Well let´s just fucking complicate everything, why not.
  6. No one asked you to answer his question, If you dont want to answer it then dont post for nothing. :poke:
  7. I did want to answer it, and did, to the effect that I have NEVER been sold seed in packs other than 10. And neither have you.
  8. How do you know what i bought? Go to dr chronic. White widow web sells in packs of 12,serious seeds sold in packs of 15,the flying dutchmen sold in packs of 11 I can keep going if you want.

  9. This thread was entitled what do I get if I buy from grasscity?? The answer is still: a packet of TEN seeds!!!

    Talk about arguing over TOTAL fucking trivia.

  10. really? then how can i get the seeds i want?


    bagz and spanish thank you for helping me out. i appreciate it. if you guys know where i can get more for my money let me know. i want to get the seeds i posted in the first post but if you have better recomendations please let me know.
  11. whats the best seeds out there right now?and thanks for the link
  12. Many other seedbanks do deliver to the USA. Doc Chronic and Gypsy Nirvana are two good recommendations.

    Seedbanks mostly don't sell their own seeds, they are store fronts that sell inventory from a variety of breeders. These two seedbanks sell seeds from many of the same breeders. You will find seed packs on these sites from $20 up to a few hundred dollars per pak.

    Keep in mind there is always the risk of seeds you buy this way to be confiscated by Customs.

    Check discussions in the seedbank forum here on GC: linky.
  13. great info thank you ill read up on it.

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