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    Hey people, before i write i just wana say im new here, though i have been reading the forums for a around a month or so now n been smoking for nearly a year now, anyway heres the story.

    Around a month ago i sold a gram to my friend for 15 buks tho he didnt have the money on him, he said he would pay me back tomorow. At first i said no but he reminded me of a time that he paid me back when i bought him food, so i gave him the gram. A day later i had a reasonable amount of bud and my friend said he would give me 20 dollars before end of week, and remember this was around last month or 3 weeks ago. So Im sitting here todayand have no money from either of the guys. I know its not much but Ive been waiting to buy some bud for ages now and everyday is just dragging by so slowly. Two days ago the first guy said he was going to give me money and that he was on his way to my house. After around an hour I call him and he answers this is how the convo goes:

    Him: Hello?

    So i try calling back straight after and his phones off! Later on the next night when it was Finally on he said he'd give me the money today, so when I try calling today hes not answering, and the second guy, who also said he would defintely pay me today, has turned his phone off!

    Sorry for the long ass post but fuck these guys are pissing me the fuck off man what do i do!!!!
  2. dont hook them up anymore, tell them theyre beat, and if they want more its 25 a g
  3. dont front them if they wouldnt do the same for you.

    unless its someone who I've known to be good for the money before, which you did say was the case with one of them, I wouldnt do it.

    you might seem like a dick, but you'll be the dick who doesnt get ripped off. It kinda sucks, but just say "you guys dont want to be known not to pay up so no one fronts you bud right?" to imply that you'll let it be known, without being an ass.

    Idk man, just keep tryin and if they dont give it back, karma'll eat em.
  4. tell em theyre broke as fuck and cut your losses. its 40 bucks and its just not worth the time n effort to try n get that back. unless you know where they live. in that case GO TO HIS HOUSE WITH A GUN, PUT IT TO HIS MOMS DOME, BLOW HER BRAINS OUT, THEN MAKE HIM EAT THEM BRAINS. then walk out as if nothing ever happened
  5. lol at mr bluntworth one of the guys does actually live very close to me so it is tempting... jk lol idk i might try saying that ill let it be known that they dont pay back when u give them bud so no one will trust them..

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