what do i do???

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by tiny_timca, Jun 15, 2004.

  1. my babys leaves look like something have been eating them there's two

    little spots but i want to stop what ever it is ASAP. what should i

    use that wont hurt my babys???

    thanks for any help you can give
  2. i don't grow, maybe i should stop offering my help lol, anywho a plant is a plant and dish soap and water might get rid of whatever is having a snack on ur babies;) good luck!
  3. dishsoap?? thats it? it wont hurt my babys?
  4. well i'm starting to grow out side and i ahve done a lot of research, so you can take my advice if you want.

    first of all if its not bugs it could be field mice or rabbits, or other small forest creature, to stop them from fuckin with your babies, put chciken wire around it 2 feet above ground.

    If it is bugs which i think it is, go to your local greenhouse, anywhere that they would know what to do, and ask them what chemicals you could use. I personally would either find or buy some lady bugs, they wont eat yoru plant they will eat the bad bugs that will.

    I hope that helps, peace.
  5. i just saw two white bugs that where into of my leaves and on another one

    of my babys there where black bugs.

    now i just bought some suff for my plant but i dont know how i will effect the buds in the furture there's curently no bud but dont know if it will effect in the long run the stuff i picked up was garden doctor for insecticide-fungicide. should i still use this or not?? its made for vegetables and small fruits.
  6. Just keep an eye on the plants, don't let it turn into a plague. Indentify the bugs and get rid of them. If the plants is still young you can remove them with yout hands...gonna take a while tho :)

    here's a link where some common bug-problems are explained:
  7. thanks for the help

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