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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by b0bo420, Mar 18, 2004.

  1. sup yall this is my first time growing. my plant is a few weeks old and right now i gat to on top of my house. but the problem is it will dont stand up straight it keeps falling down.what should i do?
  2. It sounds like you dont have enough light, What light r you using? Your gonna have to support it with with smething, A stick or something simular will do the trick.
  3. right now im just giveing it sun light do u think that will be ok?
  4. if possible, bury the plant till only the leaves are just touching the soil, and hope to get more sunlight, i take it you have it in a good location, getting the direct sun for most of the day?........Peace out..........Sid
  5. yea it is on my roof so it get about 10 hours a day and i just hucked up some lights should i put them under the light at night? i cant dering the day caze of my mom
  6. swaping from one kind of light to another every day is bad for a plant.
    ten hours of good daylight and enough other light to stop a plant going into flower, (dull sun or shade will do) will 90% of the time give better results than a well lit hps garden on 18/6.

    if u dont get enough sun then go electric light 100%, otherwise just keep it in the sun.
  7. thanks 4 the n4 but would it be ok to put it under the lights on a rainy or cloudy day?
  8. still best to keep a completely outdoor grow outdoors.........i'm no expert on outdoor grows, but i imagine that the plant still receives more than enough Lumens on a cloudy/overcast day, as the sun is the best growing source, what we do indoors, is to try and mimic outdoors, as best we can...........but like allways, mother nature knows best...................Peace out..............Sid
  9. cloudy days are a bummer, but if you move thhe plant it will take a day to ajust to the electric light then a nother day to ajust back to the sun so you lose 2 days not just the cloudy day.

    the only thing you can do is add electric light to a outdoor plant while its still outdoors. that way when the plant recives both kinds of light at the same time it doesnt have the same problems ajusting becuse it doesnt really have to ajust.

    the draw back to that is having jumbo jets trying to land on your roof becuse they think its a new airport lol.
  10. ok thanks 4 the n4 peace

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