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  1. ok so last night I was blazing with 2 friends. then we bought more weed and none of us knew how to roll so we called this other guy and said we'd smoke him out if he just rolled for us. after he rolled it he said we could go on a burn cruise in his car. so were driving out in some backroads and some car flips one after they passed us. we put out the blunt and threw it out. the car followed us for a while, then the lights go on and it's a sheriff. so we pull over and the driver gets arrested and his car gets towed. I think he got a DUI but im not %100 sure. they searched us all and found nothing. then my friends call their moms to pick them up and I call my brother so my parents don't find out. but my friends who called their parents have been my friend prettymuch my whole life. so their parents are close to mine so they talk all the time. oh yeah and the sheriff told both of my friends parents that we were smoking weed.

    Soooo.....should I tell my parents what happened and say it wasmy fort time blazing and I just wanted to try it or do I let them find out themselves???
  2. "hello. . . mom?!?"

  3. You should leave this site as you're not 18 or older. And of course you shouldn't tell them, they might take away your xbox 360!!

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  4. of course not dum dum

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