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what do i do with this kid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mastermaster, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. tell them you gonna split they wig.

  2. Feds can smoke weed, lie, do whatever when they're undergoing an investigation :rolleyes:
  3. Just don't let him over.
  4. Get this shit...

    Now he is saying really he did all that shit so we all E could smoke later. Wtf!??!
  5. Maybe he had a close call and almost got caught by parents/police/boss/whatever and wanted to cool it for a while. But then realized he'd rather risk it. :p

  6. Wtf indeed..... :confused:
  7. #27 fightermaverick, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Fuck this guy. Id be like sorry were done.
  8. Dude you're making no fucking sense.

    If he doesn't wanna smoke, that's his choice. If you're gonna tell someone you don't wanna hang around someone or be friends with them simply because they choose not to smoke, then you're not friends.
  9. Beat the fuck out of him, of course.
  10. true but carefully, some bitches sue. be discreet like fucking a married woman kinda discreet.
  11. Hold on. Let me get this straight. So you and your girlfriends mutual friend has decided to stop smoking, but he's coercing you and your girl to smoke? wtf. Idk that is pretty sketch. Just ask him why he's trying to encourage you to smoke and he's decided to quit. Doesn't make much sense at all...

  12. Or, the OP is confused and the friend didn't want to be a buzzkill so he told them it was cool if they smoked while he didn't. I feel as if there's much more to this story lol.
  13. You:hey dude wanna toke with me and my gf?
    Him:nah i dont smoke anymore
    you:fuck you man. you dont smoke? were not friends anymore

    really dude? your gonna stop hanging with someone cause they quit weed?

  14. Yeah I definitely agree, there's more to this.
  15. tell him he's a fucking idiot and to get out of your house or you do have the authority to shoot him(assuming you are american) then call him a fat fuck even if he is skinny
  16. Yea just stop smoking with him? Lol
  17. Yeah, but that doesn't make a fuckin' story, man! We need drama, suspense...Thrills, man!:cool:
  18. What the fuck is going on here? You make like no sense dude.

    If your friend doesn't want to smoke it shouldn't matter. You've been friends for a long time. Why would you throw away that friendship just because he doesn't want to smoke? That would be ridiculous.

    And the second part didn't make any sense either. He told you he didn't want to smoke anymore just because he didn't want to smoke right then? Wtf?
  19. Fuck him, More weed for you and your girl.

  20. Yeah. I don't really understand why this thread is even a big deal. I hangout with kids who don't smoke... no big deal. Actually, my one non smoker friend often sits in or around the circle, never even takes a hit. Cool as shit. He's actually on this forum, lol.

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