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what do i do with this kid?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mastermaster, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. So me and my gf have a buddy(a guy) that we are both friends with us and he has been smoking with us for about 3 months and just here recently he has fliped on us. He is like no I ain't smoking no more and im not smoking anymore cuz I don't want to. This guy has fucking flipped on us. What should we do? Cut him out of our lives for good? Or just like stop smoking with him but still chill other times? Or what?
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  3. Just be like fine don't smoke leave whilst a rip this bong :bongin:
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    here's the thing he doesn't wanna leave and he is trying to just make me and her smoke. Wtf does this mean??
  5. Kill him.
  6. uhhh...kick him out or tell him to get the fuck over his ego
  7. If he don't wanna smoke anymore, thats his choice bro. I don't see why it has to impact your friendship with him at all. When some of my friends stopped smoking as hard as they used to, our friendship didn't change at all even though I was chiefing as hard as ever. It really shouldn't matter at the end of the day, and I would bet anything your buddy will come back to the herb eventually ( probably rather soon I bet)
  8. It means he still wants to chill with you but doesn't want to smoke. It's cool, just let him chill. If he's an ass though after the first couple times then cut him out.
  9. Or that's more weed for you and your girlfriend and more alone time with your girlfriend.
    Doesn't sound like someone you should be around.
  10. He's a fed.:cool:
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    For real? his ego is the problem here? I still think he's physcho or whatever?
  12. None of what you said makes any sense. What kind of crack-addled minds do you associate yourself with?
  13. Uhh, smoking is everybody's choice. If he doesn't want to smoke then that's his deal. You shouldn't be friends with someone just because they do or don't. :/
    Especially since you said he's fine with the two of you continuing, I'm sure he has his reasons for quitting.
  14. #14 mastermaster, Aug 14, 2011
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    Yeah but he is a life long friend of mine ( 17+years of mine,but my gf has only known him for about 2 years) and he wont tell anyone his real reason. Weird to me...
  15. If he doesn't smoke then there's more weed for me!
  16. it is so obvious whats going on.

    he wants you to smoke till you pass out so he can fuck your girl.
  17. Just because he doesn't want to smoke with you anymore means that he shouldn't hang out with you? Thats not right. Maybe hes getting into a job that requires drug testing or may be he wants to stop spending so much money. Don't just say, peace, cus he doesn't wanna burn anymore.
  18. It sounds like he's a good friend of yours then.. So I think you can be honest with him that you're sketched out by how he's acting. If he doesn't offer an explanation then maybe just hang out with him when you're not smoking? I don't think it's anything to worry about but if you won't be able to relax with him around do what you have to do.
  19. I don't have to make sense, I just have to be fuckin' awesome.:cool:

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