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What do I do with a pollinated female?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by FatWhiteKid420, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Is there anything I can do with a female marijuana plant that has been pollinated all summer. It has almost nothing but beaners but their covered in crystals and the leafs are really waxy. Il post a picture if I can get a good one.
  2. Save the seeds for next time you grow a crop...........and pull the males before this happens again FatWhiteKid420........
  3. yah save or even sell the seeds. you know what kind of bud it was??? next time check em more frequently to see stop a male from mating with a female.
  4. Well my friend just came across these plants out in the forest while 4 wheeling. So, I have no idea how good the shit is but could possibly make hash out of it? Its really sticky to the touch.
  5. Pull the seeds off - remaining bud can still be smokeable.
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    Be careful dude. Sounds like you may have found somebody's grow. I would leave it alone. Polinated or not, somebody put some work into it and it would be pretty shitty for you to rip somebody elses plant. It's even possible that the grower pollinated it intentionally to get some seed for his next grow.

    ** EDIT....If you're planning on taking it, or already have, You could still smoke what bud is on it. Or make hash like you said. Keep the seed and grow a few out, or sell them, or both. But it's pretty fucked up to pull another person's grow.
  7. If it's not yours, leave it alone!
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    Yeah I thought the same thing but its on his mothers boyfriends property. I don't think someone would ruined these plants by letting them get pollinated. But there is probably a good 10-14 pollinated females sitting there along either side of this 4 wheeling path. I didn't see a male near by but I wasn't looking for it. Also I dont see any type of bud on these things all I see is beaners and right at the top all the beaners are small flower looking things and are really sticky and hazy but there's really no hairs on them. I cut the top off one that's all I took.
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    I don't know man. 10-14 plants don't grow together anywhere by accident. Just be sure you're not fucking someone over by taking them. You mentioned that you know the property owner. Are you certain that they don't belong to him?

    If it were me, I'd pick the seeds out of that top you plucked and smoke it. Leave the rest alone. You don't wanna be the guy on the news that got shot raiding somebody elses grow.

    **Edit.... I just re-read your last reply. Are you certain that it's cannabis? Some plants can bear a small resemblance to marijuana. It's not difficult to imagine an untrained eye being tricked by a look alike.
  10. I'd check with his mothers boyfriend. Sounds like he likes to toke out. Your friend gonna get his ass beat my his moms boyfriend :eek:
  11. man I have 7 pollinated females. Dank ass weed but it is not worth the time or effort to de-seed it IMO. I will but taking every inch of the plants and turning it into hash. I have no idea how much hash I will get but I'm anticipating a shit load. It will be real pure because Im going to use a bubble maker or hash bubbler--Whatever the thing is called. To the point though, since you already chopped the ladies turn them into hash, you wont be upset.

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