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What do I do now?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by livingrace, Mar 24, 2002.

  1. I got my hands on my first kind bud. I got some blueberry. I wanted to share it with my kids and my friend. Well, hubby was out of town (I thought) and I had my weed buddy, her older son and his friend, my kids, and their closest friends to share in the event. I'm big on celebrating good things (I think it's a mom thing!) So here we were the 11 of us sitting around my kitchen table indulging in the blueberry when hubby comes home. To make matters worse, he was mad at me before he left for something I truly did not do, but he didn't know it. So...nevertheless....He's MAD at me. He smokes, and likes it, but not like I do! He doesn't like me smoking with the kids. He left after that...mad...when he got home I was sleeping, then I had my training for my new job the next day (so, it wasn't like we were really was more like just sharing)

    Anyway...we are kind of just on non speaking terms, and I'm not sure what I should do! I hate it when we get like this. I really want this job to work, I came home all pumped up and I don't want to lose it worrying about some fight with hubby. I probally shouldn't have had everyone over...I dont' know...I really don't think it's wrong to smoke with my kids. Good things have come from that. I just really don't know. I could use your help!

  2. livingrace :( :( *hugs*
    sorry you and hubby got into a fight... how old are your kids? hopefully he'll mellow out a little. i think personally sometimes (no offense our dear grasscity men i love ya'all) that men have this notion that their wife/gf are these innocent creatures they have to protect from the evils of things such as pot. i could be wrong! and please correct me if i am folks, but i know that most of my bf's in the past were weirded out that i smoke so much pot.

    probably he was slightly jealous that he didn't get to partake in the blueberry and maybe somewhat hurt that you didn't invite him? (though i know, it's just fun when the man's outta town to have a lil fun, me n the cat get stoned w/out him when he's gone all the time!)

    if i were you i'd talk to your kids, and talk to your hubby. he probably is overlooking the fact that your kids smoke anyhow, and are better off (and safer) smoking at home w/ mom in the kitchen rather than at a stranger's house or whatnot.

    good luck with the new job by the way livingrace, hope he calms down a little and realizes he probably overreacted!!
  3. livingrace, I'm sorry ya'll are feudin'. And I'ts not just men, but humans, that baffle me with their "fragile" egos.Not being able to communicate with your mate is the pit's.Try to ease into conversation with him, and see if he will tell you why he became so mad. I thought you said he works away, so he may not trust the "extra" people at your celebration.I really don't like token with friends of friends!! opens your circle of trust a lil' too much for my liking. I'm hoping he will chill and things will settle for you, but walking around "ignoring" each other just fuels the flames.You might explain your feeling that token' with YOU"RE children brings you closer, but as I said, it may be the "others" being there that flipped his switch!! I'll keep you & your's in my thoughts, and hope ya'll get back on track soon.
  4. Thanks again you guys:) We had our big blow out yesterday and all is well. You were right cowboy, it was the extra people. I could totally understand where he was coming from. I could see walking in with 11 people at your kitchen table ages 17-23 would wierd you out --actually quite a bit.

    He does kinda think I smoke too much. I don't think he really tries to control me or anything like that though. I do usually party quite a bit when he is out of town, but that's because I don't when he's home. When he's home we're together. It's just a good opportunity to spend some good girl time.

    Not to change the subject, but uummmmmmm did I like the kind bud:D:D:D I need some more of that. was it EXPENSIVE!!!!!! $70 for an eighth!!!!!!!!!!! Whew!!!!! I think I need to start growing or something. Can you do that just for your own partaking?????

    Ganjaphish, my kids are 26, 21, 19, and 17. First 3 are girls and my youngest is a boy!

    Thanks again you guys.

  5. :hello: Glad things are back to normal, when I read your post , the extra people is what jumped out at me.I know you have a kind and trusting soul,but you have to keep your sheilds up a lil'. You just can't trust people anymore sadly enough. Happy token' to ya :hippie:
  6. You are totally correct. I realized that my intentions were good, but...even the best of intentions can produce bad results. I really felt bad, but everythings back to normal. I won't do that again. Not to mention how much blueberry we smoked!!!!!! He'll be mad about that when he finds out too:(

    Can't change it though, just have to do better next time:)


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