What do I do now?

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  1. Well, it seems like the "group" I thought I found in college, only wanted me around when they didn't have money.
    Idk man it just sucks seeing everyone having like one best friend they'd rather hang out with than anyone else, I just want that friend ya feel?
    I guess i'm back to just keeping to myself, because i'm not associating with these guys anymore that's forsure..

  2. I've been a loner basically all through college. I never stayed on campus and lived at home. I've been to parties though, but I never hung with a group of friends on a regular basis. School work is more important. Keep your head straight and focus on what's important. You will meet plenty of people in college who happen to have the same interests as you. No need to rush that.
  3. I hope so, I go to a smaller liberal arts college, 3000ish people.. I hear that quote all the time, but I feel like it won't happen.
    I thought it happened with these people, but I started to realize i was being used when they didn't have money to smoke.
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    Yea don't worry about it. My school is a bit bigger at 10,000 ish. Still a small school, but that should be the least of your worries. Go to events to kill time. Or if you don't already, get a job. That way your time is actually spent instead of being bored.
    I mean it's really not boredom, I don't really get bored. I have sources of entertainment I use that pretty much get me through the day :p. It's more of a lonely thing, when I go out for a smoke and see all these people happy together and shit, it just kinda sinks in.
    I have really "bad" social anxiety, in a weird form, I could not for the life of me start a conversation with someone, but if someone starts one with me then i'm perfectly fine and can hold it fine.
    I never ever had a problem making friends in high school/anywhere else i went, it just seems the majority of the people here aren't really interested in making friends.
  6. Just think about it this way.. you're not the only one feeling that way. I'm currently a loner in college and I pretty much just go to school, go home, smoke, repeat. It's kinda sad but only thing you can do now is pick up a hobby or try to socialize more.
  7. Well, a quick update..
    There's this guy that I talk to every once in a while when he happens to be outside and i'm outside for a good 15-20 minutes. 
    He seems like a really cool guy, we're both interested in gaming etc.. while he's more open about it and i'm a major closet nerd so it's awkward for me to talk about it when people are walking by us etc but it's nice for a change to have a genuine conversation. 
    Today he was talking about a bad break up he's going through, we just talked for a bit and I told him about the group I felt I was being used by and him knowing them said that's something they do.
    He said he doesn't really hang out with anyone anymore, and his nerves are so shot that he feels pretty antsy alone, and only hangs out with a select few people.
    I told him if he ever needs someone to chill with i'm just up a flight of stairs, he said he was just down a flight of stairs haha.
    I've yet to get his number to actually try to hang out with him, but i'm sure i'll see him again..
    I just don't really know if he's just being nice to me or if he actually wants to hang out or something..
    Any insight?
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    Go for it. If he's talking to you, I see no reason to hold back. Try to be chill about it and casually ask him the next time you see him if you can hang out. Probably going to lunch or having coffee would be good and taking a walk at the park if he seems into you. Nothing too formal, just something to do that's chill to have a good time.
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    Hmm... I haven't had this problem. For some reason strangers feel comfortable around me and talk to me. If the stranger shows good character I befriend them.

    Op I don't think you should be searching for friends. They should be searching for you. If you're trustworthy and loyal then you're a rarer breed of the college species. Similar people will notice that. But make sure to analyze strangers, so they're not shady. I'd rather have few high quality homies than having a lot of "friends".
  10. Dude I've been a loner most of my life. Keeps the drama away and the fake people steer clear. Sucks. You could always go to new places that you dont go to now to meet new peeps
  11. So make new friends?  It's not hard.  
  12. Oh jesus.. no LOL, i'm a guy. 
    A STRAIGHT guy, fml...
    I jsut realized how much it seemed like I was a girl interested in him from that post.
    Oh jesus lawd help me
  13. This is the problem, i'm pretty much the same way.
    I don't know how many people have randomly approached me and talked to me, and I ended up making "friends." 
    But it seemed I didn't luck out too much with the group that I originally thought.
    But the bold is literally the problem. 
  14. Be very selective. I am very lucky to have stumbled upon a great group of friends. I knew them for awhile but I just started hanging out daily with them.

    One thing that makes this group great is that it doesn't revolve around drugs. There's only one other daily smoker and the rest smoke every now and then. This creates a genuine basis for the friendships. The group you were with sounds like they hang out with each other just for drugs.
  15. if your already a loner then why do you care if people think your a gaming nerd? 
    hope you and this new friend work out so your not lonely and bored
  16. Oh my apologies. Yes, you did sound like a chick for a min. lol
  17. It's moreso the fact that i've never been a loner.
    I've always been.. I hate to use the term because honestly it seems conceited, but "popular."
    And yeah hopefully!
    Yeah, unfortunately this is the case.
    IT seems like they hang out with EACH OTHER, but me for drugs. 
    I mean they invited me to go eat with them etc a few times, but I just felt out of place.
    :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:  :mad:
  18. Don't be mad! It's always a good time on GC for the most part. People thought I was a dude at times too, so you aren't alone.

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