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  1. Hello everyone

    I am new here and it is the first time i grow !

    I tried to grow on my balcony so i made sure that my plant stay low profile using metal wire and by cutting the heads frequently. (the full plant photo was taken 4 week ago)

    Now my plant are beginning to bud and I don't know when should I cut them nor do I know how to prune the foliage to help them grow faster.(the small bud photo was taken today)

    Any comment or tips ?

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  2. ^ cut the buds when they are like 80% red/brown i dont know about pruning to make it grow faster, never heard of that.

    pretty crazy looking plant on the right i have to say
  3. thanx for the hint

    btw your avatar looks like a close up of my flags but with the good kind of leaf
  4. Don't cut her up while she's flowering. Just tie her down if you need to keep her low profile. You don't want unnecessary stress while she's making buds for you.
  5. This is the right answer, pruning will stunt growth brotha!
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    I was about to prune since it help a lot during the vegetative stage (basically because my plant was root bound) but a voice inside made me ask before risking harming my sweet little girl...

    I think that i should start a grow log for the flowering phase.

    may the good fortune shine upon you all

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