What do girls want to hear?

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  1. Everyone wants to be told that they beautiful/loved.
    but what are some of the things that you were told while in a relationship that stick in your mind to this day?
  2. -oh really? tell me more
    -that's awesome
    -please, go on
    -how interesting. do elaborate
    -i love the sound of your voice
  3. Got my vote.
  4. "wheres that sandwich?"

    its not a question, its an order disguised as a question

  5. This:hello:
  6. they just want to know that you care about them and would do almost anything to protect them... thats all that matters:p
  7. Think of something personal.. Something that speaks to whatever set of pants you want to get into, it's better than a generic line.

    It also works if you mean it, but somehow I don't think that's what you're looking for :p
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    compliments are not always what girls want to hear,
    what we want is to feel like you are interested.

    instead you could kiss a girl on the forehead or say
    "hey cutie" when you walk in the door.
    but whatever you say, make sure it's from the heart.~
  9. I just try and come up with something that is complete bullshit and im sure she won't believe, and then i just say that.

    It's been smooth sailing so far.
  10. If you can make them trust you then its all cool i think
  11. you have to be all about them, be on their level consciously, Don't forget the endless amount of compliments

    Eventually the relationship breaks.

  12. not with that attitude
  13. They just need to hear that you really care about them. Many girls just need reassurance and need to hear things out loud. In your heart you might really care about them, but they need to hear it.
  14. "I did not have sex with that woman."
  15. That you are a reliable and protective person that can relate to their sensitive side while also serving as a masculine provider.

    Also, playing "hard to get" to an extent helps. Women don't want a man who seems to be eagerly anxious and needy. There is a reason why women tend to fall for assholes. Every word you speak to them should be backed by confidence.

    Basically, let them know that you stand out among other men as a better and more reliable provider (it works on a primitive level).

    Playful humor helps too.

    Just pay attention to anyone you consider a ladies man, you will see what I mean.
  16. "put that apron on and make me a sammie"!

    or the medieval

    "bring ale and mutton wench"!

    but seriously bitches love it when your interested in what they sayin even if you aint.
  17. i like it when a guys notices something small that not too many other people notice and tells me about it... pretty much we just want to know you care and actually pay attention...

    what do guys want to hear?
  18. The best thing i'v ever told a girl was that i really love her, many could say that but not many can prove it and once you do not many can deal with it and once you deal with it there will be no time to live with it :)
  19. the truth.

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