what do girls think when guys hit them up?

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  1. basically started talking to a new chick. I gave her my number and she texted me a few days later. Basically she acts very flirty with me but then the conversation will end. I always feel weird starting the conversation again...

    what do girls feel about this?
  2. dont always start the conversation, if you find she isnt initiating, stop talking to her for a few days, if she still hasnt texted you, text her back and be like whats up?

    just dont get annoying basically

  3. true true, but it seems everytime we have a conversation even if i begin it it stays flirty and such.
  4. She's flirty, eh?

    Maybe she wants your man-tail stiff and inside of her for a few minutes? :confused_2:
  5. Some girls just like the attention.

    Be careful wasting your time.
  6. Stop conversating, set a time to chill with potential for fucking, make a move.
  7. This, DO NOT TEXT A GIRL. Unless its to make plans and even then that's when you know for sure she's interested.

    I never initiate text conversations with a girl ever and even when she does I keep messages short and declarative; no questions or trying to keep it going. Get to know her in person, not through your phone.
  8. This. been there and seen it second hand. No matter what you do do not EVER make plans over text message. just trust me on that.

  9. /end thread
  10. remember when texting girls to use smileys. bitches love smileys.
  11. Act like you don't give a fuck about a bitch, works everytime ahaha.
  12. Dont have all day text convos with women. Ignore them after a bit, it makes them want you more. She is doing just that to you....
  13. Hang out with her, go from there.
  14. End the conversation when its at its peak. I shouldnt have to explain why.
  15. Don't start the conversation.

  16. It's true. Some girl's do. I think my boyfriend just learned that.....
    I wouldnt text her bud.
  17. And if she text you, yeahh text her back, but dont read into it.
  18. I am always flattered, regardless of whether I am interested in the guy or not.
  19. [quote name='"SassyMelassy"']I am always flattered, regardless of whether I am interested in the guy or not.[/quote]

    This. I'm always flattered. Takes guts to walk up to a person you don't know and hit on them, and I know a lot of guys feel awkward about it.

    However when a guy just won't take the hint that I'm not interested...and by take the hint I mean I say I'm not lol. He keeps trying and trying...it gets under my skin. Its like..I said no..I'm not playing hard to get man it is still no..no..oh my god..now what lol?

    Then instead of being flattered I am angry.

    Id like to add..I never lead guys on, I think its really mean that a girl wants a little attention so she will flirt with the guy back ect. If a guy is doing that and I'm not interested I let him know. I think being blunt is nicer then leading a guy on for weeks,make him think he has a chance, and then turn him down...that's just evil.

    The girls who go along with it for attention are really lame.
  20. Mary Jane is my girlfriend, and one girlfriend is enough.

    Don't put women on the pedestal or give them too much attention; otherwise, they will think you are a wimp.

    Unless, of course, she is Mary Jane.

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