what do girls play?

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  1. My gf doesn't really enjoy sitting there while i play games lol so i need suggestions on somethin she might like to play. Preferably on pc cuz i dnt like to share my tv :p she enjoys zombies and simpler mini games like diner dash and stuff
  2. Girls play with men. Trust me on this one! ;)
  3. I've never met a girl that didn't like minecraft. Might wanna start there
  4. Yea lol ill try that i need a list of em
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    My girl doesn't like Minecraft. But she likes lego. I just don't get it...

    Try shit like LIMBO, Bastion and stuff like that.
  6. I set my girlfriend up with a n64 while I game at nights and stuff when we're in for the night

    or if you have an xbox or ps3 - huluplus, netflix. Tons of shows to watch

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