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what do girls like to do high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by shitonnick, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. ive smoked with a few but most just sit there on there phone or r drunk too. is that most smoker girls just tryin to get guys attention
  2. suck horse cock

    do there nails

    massage there tits



    lol jus what we do mang chillax
  3. Have sex.

    With you.

    GET SOME!! :cool:
  4. lol im actually serious u bastards or is that really what there lookin to do
  5. girls blaze? what is this thing you speak of. If their smoking it means their not in the kitchen..... you people are crazy! :p
  6. What everyone else like's to do high! Play Halo, get dominos and have sex!:smoke:

  7. We're serious. Have sex. Now.
  8. When I'm high I like to read, write, surf GC, play dominoes on, cook (cooking is fun when yer baked :p), and I like to watch comedies. I'm watching Zack and Miri Make a Porno right now. This movie is hilarious. :laughing:
  9. i like the way you think bra
  10. Lmao you guys act like we don't exist...

    Browse the internet, watch TV (and lots of it), Movies, Cook, Organize/clean, and chill with friends. :)

    Just like dude's do. Maybe minus the cook part though.
  11. I've always wondered what they do because i have only smoke with like a few. lol
  12. Since your a girl ;Can you confirm this?...

  13. LOL idk about the organize\clean part either lol:D

    i got so high one time, my boy told me to roll up, so while i was looking for the trees(in my hand may i add:eek:) hes just looking at me smiling his ass off,,, so i ask "Bro Where'z The Weed" Lmao I couldnt play that one off:smoke: Good Dayz Good Dayz:smoke:
  14. I do what I normally do....
  15. I have no idea how you ladies are cooking well high. I can't stand cooking when I'm high, something about being really hungry and seeing my food not be done being cooked yet tears me apart.
  16. Well, I'm around a lot of horses, but I can't say I've ever gotten frisky with one. :eek:
  17. You'd have to open up wider than that
  18. When I'm chillin' with my female stoner friends (Which I have quite a few of), we tend to just hang out, watch movies, talk philosophy, listen to music, sometimes I'll play guitar and sing for them (usually leads to getting laid:metal:), or they'll make me a meal or vice versa (also leads to getting laid :metal:).
  19. It makes them hornier in my experience. Girls are a lot less likely to blaze than men, though.
  20. my best gf and i drive around and try to get lost. doesn't work since we grew up in the area and west is always the mountains. haha.

    and we shop, EAT, go to movies, paint our toenails, just chill, watch tv or a movie, go to the bar, go to a party, go be in nature, create artwork.


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