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What Do Dogs Think?

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr. Bill, May 30, 2009.

  1. Preface time. I just took a 10 day T-break (mainly because I am out of weed), but I just remembered I had kief :hello:, and a good amount of it. I rolled up a j of that and I am so happy right now.

    Okay so anyways, I was looking for some Iso to wash my grinder (which I'm not sure is a good idea or not, but I'm not gonna have herbs for a while so I wanted to try and clean it), and I went into the laundry room (where we keep shit like that). My dog was apparently trapped in the bathroom, he couldn't wedge the door open. I walk out of the laundry room, which was right next to that bathroom. And the lil guy like pounds the door a few times, scratches furiously, then gets the door to open. And I look at him, he looks at me, and I feel like he was like "Wtf mate? I was stuck in the bathroom". I thought for a moment he thought I was psychic and somehow knew

    Like this isn't shit where your mom asks says to you she isn't psychic. This is like a different species that is less intelligent (maybe debatable), and cannot communicate with us.

    So I wonder, what do dogs think we can do?

    Its stupid, im high, oh well.
  2. I always make up random shit I think my dog is trying to say to me when I'm high. Just enjoy it :smoke:
  3. i talk to my dog like im a crazy person but i think animals can feel your emotions and can respond to you the way they respond or act or use their body language.
  4. I always talk to my dog, even more when I'm high. maybe she kinda knows what I'm saying
  5. Ya I use to be able to read my dog like a book, I just knew what her body language went very well. For years I would mimic her general body language and watch her reactions. After a long time time we could "communicate" pretty well, but she was dog so she didn't always send/receive distinct signals.

    * I've got two cats now, they usually are completely blank and unreadable one minute and extremely animated the next. Cats are never consistent in giving off body language, what they are consistent in is that they never give a fuck what you do, unless you're stalking them in full on "attack" mode, they could give a shit about your body language

    *All based on my experiences with cats
  6. i have a dog and a cat and we pretty much understand eachother. My dog can look at me and i usually know what he wants. There is one look that says I GOTTA PISS YO, another that says feed me already FFS, etc, etc.

    I can make eye contact with my cat and it will know whether or not it's okay for him to jump on my lap and be pet. He likes to be pet a ton but sometimes i just dont want a cat on my lap, ya know?

    Sorta related but a bit of a side note. My dog has to take pills (cancer, arthritis) but when i pick up the pill bottle and it makes a tiny little pill shaking noise, he comes a runnin. He knows that i will wrap it in cheese or some deli meat or something like that. But now i think he knows the pills help him. He just got some new ones that are working well. He used to eat the cheese with a pill inside and spit the pill out so i would wrap it in cheese again. Now i can feed him a straight pill and he will eat it. I think he KNOWS that it is helping him.

    All this to say..,. they are smarter than you think.
  7. interesting thoughts.....just makes me wish i had a cool chill ass dog
  8. hmm let me see. usually feed my golden retriever apples as treats. occasionaly one that i smoke out of . today i planned on using it again and just set it on the table. fucker must have been feeining for one cuz he somehow got that shit, AND there was a bowl of Master packed in there and everything.

    my dogg's thoughts " hey look another delicious looking apple" who gives a fuck about albert ima eat that shit.:hello:

  9. completly debatable. dont you know that dogs communicate with barks, booty sniffs, and highly evolved telepathic brain waves. its common knowledge:)

  10. hahahahahaha

    i think that dogs think primal instincts only, i imagine they think a lot like cavemen, when they didnt have words and only used grunts
  11. yeah i feel like i connect with my dog alot more when i'm high. just more empathetic and she seems so much more intersting, lol. also, she's bilingual (she can understand certain phrases in chinese and english like "let the dog out").

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