What Do Crack & LSD Have in Common?

Discussion in 'General' started by CannedSpam, Jun 29, 2002.

  1. Answer: The CIA.

    Earlier I had joined in a discussion regarding "Weed Politics," but I forgot to add a few statements.

    I forgot to rant about the government and their own drug running business that they operated during the 1980's through the CIA's "Air America" airlines through the little town of Mena, Arkansas. (If you're interested in that, try searching for 'Mena' or 'Bobby Seales' on the internet.)

    I also forgot to mention the CIA's own scientist, Albert Hoffmann, actually invented 'LSD,' and the CIA even 'tested' it on unsuspecting Army soldiers. There are some very strange stories regarding the CIA's 'experimentation' of LSD as a mind-controlling drug and its usage in covert operations. Strange stuff indeed, like people being secretly dosed with large amounts of LSD, and then jumping out of hotel windows.

    And did I forget to mention the 'alleged' widespread distribution of crack cocaine to mostly black neighborhoods by the CIA during the 1980's and 1990's? That actually made the front pages a few years ago, and CIA Director Deutch even went to a townhall meeting in SC La to dispute the 'allegation.' Nobody there believed him of course.

    I don't find it that difficult to believe that rogue forces within the US government were/are attempting to destroy or maim certain minority groups by flooding their neighborhoods with a highly addictive and destructive drug like crack.

    If those allegations are true, then this is the highest form of evil, because it was an covert attempt by a government entity to enslave and destroy a subgroup of American citizens, who were already at high-risk and mostly in poverty, into totally wasted drug drones.

    But they've already pretty much done the same to American Indians, so it's not that far of a jump to believe that they'd also distribute a dangerous drug like crack to American Blacks.

    Any thoughts from you folks?
  2. i've always known about the cia makin lsd. I really don't care about much of this i wish i could get some free dope.

  3. u don't care??? u more concerned about gettin free weed for yourself??? wtf?

    sure i'd like some free dope, but i think shit like this is of a little bit greater importance. I always thought the reason shit like this was able to carry on was ignorance and people not knowing and people believing the propaganda... NOT people who hear this shit and just think about their own selfish little needs. DUDE! u r killing thousands of people with that attitude.

    i think i need to add another line to my signature... a line that used to be my only line of my signature. it seems like everyone don't know what to do... or even what to get done to themselves.

  4. Yea, and area51 has aliens in it.
  5. theres a lot of shit the government did and got away with and theres nothing anyone can ever go about it, so no i don't care.
  6. Overgrowray, you said that there isn't much that we can do about an out-of-control government, but I respectfully disagree.

    I've had a few personal encounters with "rogue" government officials and entities, and I can assure you that IF you are motivated enough, resourceful, and persistant, you can make a very big difference. I instigated an endeavor years ago that eventually brought down several corrupt government officials who were involved in a variety of serious illegal activities, including violent sexual abuse crimes--so I do know what I'm talking about.

    One of the reasons that we have so many corrupt government officials, is because WE THE PEOPLE, haven't given a ding about them or their illegal activities. Most of us are just too wrapped up in our own travails and problems to give a care---and that is exactly what they count on. They want you to be so self-consumed with your own life that you don't care about them or what they're "up" to; that's how they stay in power while they rob you of your rights--like enjoying a doobie in the privacy of your own home.

    You said that you only wanted "some free weed," but I would remind you that if enough pot smokers had been politically active over the past few decades, you might be enjoying some "free weed" right now from your own legal backyard garden.

    Please don't fall for the BIG LIE that YOU can't make a difference, because the scoundrels out there are hoping that you fall into a fog of hopelessness and powerlessness--they depend upon you feeling that way--and they know the rest of the folks just don't give a darn.

    Be a pain-in-the-ass to the government when they get out-of-line--remember...they're just people, not superhumans. They may hide behind a system that protects them for much of the time, but I assure you they are not infallible.

  7. Well said, great point, and still polite. K+
  8. Damn, why didn't they choose my neighborhood to distribute free drugs? Stingy assholes...

    Anyway, I was under the impression that LSD was developed by Hoffman as he was looking for compounds to help people with respiratory diseases, he accidentally got a dose big enough for a mild trip, and he freaked out a bit. I suppose that was just the CIA coverup story?
  9. aside from this thread being three years old... i think the whole "government distribution of crack to minorities" is quite funny. yeah great idea, lets make sure all the people in ghettos stay on welfare, keep commiting crimes and continue to hurt our society and economy. anyone with half a brain could realize that keeping people addicted to crack doesn't help the government one bit and is complete nonsense...
  10. i do rember though when i saw this show on the history chanel about how the government gave their soldiers a few doses of PCP. they would give them this drug but wouldn't tell them what it was. pretty fucked up
  11. Albert Hoffman was a German scientist, not a CIA worker. However, the CIA did produce LSD and did a lot of tests with it in the 50s including giving it to soldiers. They wanted to see if they could use it as a mind control drug to use in a biological weapon incase of war with the soviets.
  12. good fucking point.

    and has no one brought up how the CIA bought thousands of kilos of crack and powder cocaine during the Iran/Contra affair, in order to supply the army that would be most useful to us with resources?

  13. yup and this whole project was called MK ultra

    i think everyone should read up on this its pretty cool
  14. do you have a link regarding CIA providing coke to black communities?
  15. would it really matter? why dont you just take it for face value? cuz any fuckhead can make a website and make it look well-documented.
  16. george bush(the old one)was head of the cia and vice pres of lilly pharmacueticals(owned by dan quales folks)lilly was making a lot of money selling the acetone and that other stuff they use while prosessing cocaine into paste in columbia/south america.at the same time the cia and olliver north were trading wepons for coke.old goerge forces his way into the vice pres under reagan.he goes after manuel noriega of panama(coke gateway to america)the iran contra thing is busting wide open and george and olie dodge a bullet....who shot jfk to work there way up to be the top man?who is still in controll ?what past presidents invoke their privalage to receve daily summaries from the cia?old george does.how close are old george and jr george as partners in crime?then we get to the fahrenheit 911 stuff...some crazy times we live in.
    to the future,
    scary visionary.

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