what do cops, hotdogs, lighter fluid, and greeen tea have in common

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  1. so i went to smoke with a few good friends, we smoked a blunt and out of a bong, then we went to this hookah bar which was pretty lame, so we dipped to a park next to my house. at this time it is 1.30ish...

    we just sit and talk for half an hour, and then all of a sudden I see a bbq pit (those metal ones raised off the ground), and get a great idea to go to my work because they are open 24 hours a day. we go grab some hot dogs, green tea, buns, charcoal, lighter fluid, a small bag of chips, and go back to the park to make a bbq. at this time it is 2.10, and curfew is 12! so we light it up, cook the hot dogs and warm the buns, and i make each person a dog, and saved the last one for me. right as i put it on the bun and put the dog in my mouth, a bright light and I hear "put your hands up! put them where I can see them!" i drop my dog and put my hands up and interlock them between my fingers.

    then 3 more cops pop out in every corner, and we're cornered, they ask us if anyone here is over 18, only 2 of us where, I and a friend. my brothers are all under 18, so he asks for our ages, takes my ID and my friends that's 18, he takes down our phone number and names. they look around and start laughing, "hot dogs and green tea?! there are 180 things that you can be doing right now that could be worse than this, but hot dogs and green tea! i have to give you guys props for that!" the other cops laugh and we all laugh and bring our hands down. they were actually really really nice, they said that it was over 12, so we had to leave, and they jsut kept laughing at us. we invited them for a dog, but they got another call the last minute, but they were going to sit and enjoy some hot dogs with us. nice guys really!

    so we dip to my friends house, drop him off, and we get home at 3.30 and my parents are dead asleep and they don't really care, tonight was awesome.

    oh and there is another story right before this one happened! but this time it involves an iPhone, some Acid, and burgers, hahahahha i love it!

    pic: [​IMG]
  2. haha thats pretty lucky

    sounds like you had fun
  3. someone seized the day
  4. You are lucky you didn't have any bud on you.
  5. yeah i was tripping out because i couldn't remember if i had anything in my pockets, and they made us put our hands out, but then i remembered that we smoked the whole gram and the bong and bowl were in the trunk. but i panicked when i saw the cop go to my car to look what was inside, because we had hot boxed it earlier out of my bong, and then i thought i left the empty baggy in my car, but then quickly remembered that i threw it out. and the smell was pretty much gone because we drove a lot and had all the windows down, so they didn't notice anything.

  6. if your curfew is twelve then you are under 18 :p
  7. thats using the ol' noggin SixFeet... :)
  8. I assumed he meant the park 'curfew' was 12, Alot of open public parks close at a certain time each night.

    Anyways, That story was tight, Sound like some tight cops.
  9. ya isnt the under 18 curfew 10 o clock? at least it is around here. anyway thats sounds cool. i would have stayed kept cookin hot dogs. but ya cool anyways. tell us the other story!
  10. sweet ass story dude, those cops sound chill as fuck
  11. sick story, thats mad gay you have a curfew in your town.
  12. Most towns do have a curfew but it is so loosely enforced and since it applies to groups of kids under 18 past like 12 PM it tends not to be an issue

    My town's is like 11:30 or 12.
  13. Those cops sound pretty nice, thats why I get upset when people just blurt out "Fuck the police" . You shouldnt generalise them.

    Sounds like a cool night though.
  14. i've never heard of having a curfew.. and i lived in a smaller canadian city for a while..
  15. too bad you guys didnt have any donuts

  16. There is a LOT that goes on behind the scenes...in a lot of places, it's almost like a big mafia behind the walls of those stations...

    Either way, though, I love when a cop is good. It's obvious, but if you're good with them, they're good with you...on minor things that is.

    if you get pulled over, stay calm, don't be rude at all, and you'll probably steer out of trouble...what they don't know doesn't hurt them ;)
  17. haha awesome story...gotta love it when you catch the random cool cops, it's sweet
  18. haha that was an awesome story. its the best when you meet cool cops
  19. Ha ha thanks for the laugh!! :D

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