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  1. Hi, I've been lurking, reading, laughing and enjoying GC for a month or so but I'm confused about what all the Icons mean in this forum. :smoke:
  2. Icons? What do you mean?
  3. All the colored envelopes, red, yellow, blue in the left column and the other symbols in the "ratings" column. Some are pretty standard but some I don't understand.
  4. [​IMG] New posts
    [​IMG] Hot thread with new posts
    [​IMG] No new posts
    [​IMG] Hot thread with no new posts
    [​IMG] Thread is closed
    [​IMG] You have posted in this thread

    Most of the ones to the right you can just hover over them and it'll tell you what they mean.
    For instance, the trash can means the thread contains deleted posts, the thumbtack thing means the thread is a sticky, and the paperclip means the thread contains attachments.
  5. Thank you so much ;)
  6. Not a problem. Welcome to the City, BTW. :D

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