What distance can a fan push sit down ductin

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  1. Yes

    Yes I just wanted to know if there's any problem running that much duct..

    The air gets exhausted out the tent fine, it's the room it's in not so much. The Windows I have are shitty ones they only open at a angle from the top. I've made a few posts about venting out and have done the best I can without I have atm. It's because now I think as it's exhausting out the window it could be blowing back in the other end. And as I'm bringing in air from that room it could end up recirculating the stale air which could cause higher temps too? So all I wanted to know is can I run that much duct. As I said in the first post, with up to 10 meters each side. Someone posted it will cause drag but I Don't know what that means to me here...
  2. What you got it just hanging out a window
  3. Not even the problem is the way my window opens. Plus the block of flats opposite. It's like this

  4. If its your house take the pane to be cut
  5. renting...
  6. I know it's not ideal but I do the best I can with what've have. I ask here just in case I miss something or I've over thought something.

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