What distance can a fan push sit down ductin

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  1. how to work out how the distance a fan can move air?
    I have a 5" 190cfm I'm now useing to bring in air. I'm trying to get it cooler in the tent so I would like to run air in from my garden door. But it's a distance away.
    I need to know if it could successfully bring air in if it has 5-10 meters of duct each end?
  2. Sucking air out will actually cool it down heaps!
  3. It amazes me how many people give an answer to a question that wasn't asked!
    I have a 410 CFL as an extractor. Now back to the actual question?
  4. And it amazes me how people will ask a question in a forum then be a fucking smart ass to an answer. I'm sure google or common sense could answer your question genius.
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  5. Well then stop going around answering questions that people don't ask you numpty, you'll get a better reception!
  6. actually you were the first one to be a wanker, so when I said "people" I was actually referring to a person, that person being you.
  7. Lol you really explaining this, I bet it's piss easy to wind you up haha.
    Listen I'm very new to this shit, I come here for questions small and big, not always for definitive answers but for an Understanding.
    But the question could be what is 5+5 and the first two answers would be 5-5 and 5x5 equals... Ffs lol
    I'm just saying I asked a question about my inline fan and the answer you have was you should have an extractor :mad:

    I just want to know can push through up to 20 meters of duct. I have no fucking idea, before 6 weeks ago when I bought my tent I'd only ever had a desk fan. I been reading into airflow but it's confusing as fuck
  8. if you need to bring in fresh air from a distance all you really need is a duct booster. any inline fan is gonna be overkill. Also, too much intake into your tent will de-pressurize the tent, meaning you no longer have negative pressure in the tent.
  9. A bit more info on my goal. I have a 6" extractor and I just upgraded my inline from a 3" to a 5". Summer is here in full force and some days the temps getting pushed to their upper limits.
    I want to extend the ductin on my inline fan so instead of it brining in air from my room, I bring in from outside (cooler).
    I have negative pressure atm, I'm not trying to change or add anything, just extend the arm that sucks in the air..
  10. tbh you're better off with a small AC unit. I just bought one that will shut on/off when it needs to to keep my temps around 75F. You can suck any distance of air through ventilation ducting, but i doubt pulling more hot outside air is going to make much of a difference in your temps.
  11. Ducting creates lots of drag. Always go with the biggest gan you can. If you have to put a fan on each end of the ducting
  12. I've been looking around for affordable ones that will do the trick. Is it a portable ac just for inside the tents?
    You got a link?
  13. it's just a standard 1-room window ac unit, but it's got this economy mode that shuts it off once the room reaches the desired temps
  14. Let me get this strait your trying to pull colder air in from far away into the tent
  15. Also are you checking your temps from the top of the tent and the bottom.. Make sure not to expose the thermometer or probe to the direct lamp light
  16. Yes just because of my setup, I dont think it's exhausting properly, very limited with my window. So just to be sure I want to bring in from my other room, if I run to the back door then basically from outside. Then if it is blowing back in then at least exhaust to the room and bring in from another.

    And yes I have two of the same digi hygrometers and and old fashioned thermometer across the pots. The bottom two generally the same, abit higher than the top. Currently

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

    Can't get a window one, only a portable if any..
  17. i have a window ac unit in my room to keep the room chilled. a portable ac unit still needs vented out the window or through a wall. the tent should be vented to another room or outside as well for temp reasons. oyherwise its like an oven pumpin your 80 degree air out into the room then sucking it back in to heat it up some more
  18. You got negative pressure sucking in the sides of the tent
  19. See the first reply in the thread for the answer to this problem (you know..that guy that you insulted after he gave you good info.)
  20. You could just buy insulated duct and run it from the tent to the room desired and done

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